Sunday, January 23, 2011

Qubies ~ Mumma's best friend in the kitchen!

We have recently enjoyed (?) the experience of moving house... again.  This time we moved with two little ones in tow, a new adventure for us all!  I think everyone coped fairly well, aside from the extra kilo's piled on from all the junk food.  One of the bummers about moving is all the junk food you eat.  We had take away every night for a week while the pots and pans remained hidden in boxes and the rest of the house resembled more of a recycling depot than a home!  EEK!  Thankfully that is all rectified now, and we have once again enjoyed home cooking!

Our first mail to arrive at the new house was from Alexandra from who very generously sent me out a new Qubie to try.  This amazing mum-trepreneur has developed a unique way to freeze and store baby food!

It really is just so easy to use... pour the food into the tray, making sure you only fill to the max line.  Pop on the flexible lid and its ready to go.  It's actually the lid that portions the food into 30ml sections.  Into the freezer it goes and once it's frozen, a simple twist of the base and the little squares are out and ready to be stored.  I put mine into freezer bags labelled with what's inside.  And really the possibilities of what you can store is endless... I've managed to freeze stewed prunes, which are perfect for when you just need a little bit of prunes to keep the baby 'regular'.  Also mashed sweet potato is a favourite for our LadyBug so it's great to have some of that on hand too.  Going to have a go at making some fruit puree next, maybe some mango, apple and banana?

A few nights ago I made a honey chicken & veg dish with rice for our dinner.  LadyBug got to have some plain chicken and rice all pureed together (yum?) and thanks to the Qubie I had some mixed veg in the freezer to add to it.  Went down a treat, and taste a whole lot nicer than some of the processed foods you can buy.

Thanks Alex for your great product!  Makes me feel good knowing that my LadyBug has lovely homemade food to munch on in the midst of a crazy and chaotic move.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How do you pack a life into a box?

Well in most cases, it's not just 'a' box, but a great number of boxes. We're in the process of packing our busy lives into boxes... boxes for pots and pans, boxes for frames, towels, sheets, books and toys. All of our treasures that we've collected along the way are securely wrapped in old newspaper and stored away until we will unwrap it all again in our new castle. And either proudly display our treasures once again as if nothing had changed or hide them away, too attached to discard them just yet.

But there is one box I have which makes me pose the question... How do you pack a life into a box?

It was such a little life, most of it spent growing safely inside.  Only a few breaths taken here on this earth, and yet from such a tiny life comes a box of memories.  Every time we set up house, I put these memories out in a special place, usually a place that is quiet and personal.  A 'safe' place where we can remember his precious existence.  Admittedly, most days his belongings sit on the shelf, with usually only a glance, and then a small ripple of heartache will come across me as I go about the day.  Some days, when the moment is there, I pull down a book, or the photo album.  Snuggle the teddy a little and just remember for a second, that my son was here.  He did live, and he has made an impact.

Then comes the day, like yesterday, when I have to face packing it all away again to move to the new house.  It's the physical touching of his things that brings the memories and the pain flooding back.  Floating to the surface to remind me of him.  The four fleeting hours spent in NICU, just holding hands with me...  then the memorial service, and the cremation... his little clothes and blanket still wrapped in the box... his bronzed hand and feet prints... the unpacked hospital bag.

I'm sure that it won't matter how many times we move house, and how many times his little box will be packed and unpacked... I will still marvel at how a person's little life can fit in one box.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My notebook-babes

It's been a busy day of packing and gardnening here... not that you could tell by the look of these two lovelies lounging about with their note-books on a sunny afternoon. 

I'll give LittleBee credit though, she did spend a lot of time out in the garden with DaddaBee, laying mulch and fetching water for the garden... interspersed with trampoline somersaults and dancing on the patio... all what a 7 year old loves.  And packed up her dvd's and cd's without complaining.  I think secretly she is already eager to be in the new house and have them all unpacked again.

LadyBug is new to the technology world, but there really isn't much out there these days that doesn't ring, chime, light up or sing when you poke and prod it's many buttons and slider thingies.  She's a bit weary of this one, but gave it a go anyway.

Anyway, it's seven days now til moving-day... just another pitstop on our journey to who knows where really.  Thankfully this move, although it is Move #8 for us, is a local one, and I am hoping that it will be a swift and painless process!

MummaBee xo

Sunday, January 2, 2011


This is the stuff memories are made of hey... aren't these two so cute? Meet my little LadyBug and her buddy Zippy. Kind of just hanging out together this afternoon, at our place after church, you know, as you do ;)

Destined to be friends for life... I like to call them 'womb buddies'. I suppose it's not very often that you can say you have been friends with someone for your whole life!

Some of us have stayed close friends with the little kids we played with at Kinder or primary school. I have great friends from high school which I am still close to, and I love that! Some of our friends really only come into our lives in our adult years as we meet new people to share different parts of our journeys with. But not many of us can honestly say we have been friends, well, forever!

In a nutshell, here's how our little LadyBugs story... After a long time dealing with infertility issues, we finally saw those two magic lines appear on a home pregnancy kit in September 2009. Four years in the making! I have PCOS, which makes trying to get pregnant very difficult for us. Well to be honest, it just sucks. After losing our son in 2006, the pain of his loss seemed to be enhanced by the fact that we just were not able to fall pregnant again. So much to say about all this, but another day will lend itself to explore all that happened in that time... but for now, she's here!

So I have some pretty amazing friends... two of these dear friends were pregnant at the same time as me... both faithful ladies praying desperately that we would be able to have another child, and then both receiving the blessing they wanted for us. One said she had been praying that we would have triplets! Instead all three of us have been able to carry our own healthy babe, and then bring them into this world. And it was really wonderful to be able to share the pregnancy journey together, and now we get to watch our LadyBug grow and laugh with two of the most outrageously gorgeous little men... her 'womb buddies'.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Capturing the hearts

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

Seven years ago, my heart was permanently placed on the outside of my body in the form of one deliciously chubby 8lb 7oz Princess. With a name meaning "dark beauty", our fair haired babe entered our world and truly changed it forever.

My heart has been blessed again with a perfect Prince who could not stay with us for long, and most recently with another beautiful princess. I'm hoping to capture these little "hearts" of mine as they grow in front of me. I want to capture their essence somehow, so that I can look back and know that my life IS better because God chose me to be their mother. That in itself is more than momentous... monumental even!

So I enter the blogging world, on the first day of a new year... lets see what these little blessings will get up to in 2011!


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