Sunday, January 2, 2011


This is the stuff memories are made of hey... aren't these two so cute? Meet my little LadyBug and her buddy Zippy. Kind of just hanging out together this afternoon, at our place after church, you know, as you do ;)

Destined to be friends for life... I like to call them 'womb buddies'. I suppose it's not very often that you can say you have been friends with someone for your whole life!

Some of us have stayed close friends with the little kids we played with at Kinder or primary school. I have great friends from high school which I am still close to, and I love that! Some of our friends really only come into our lives in our adult years as we meet new people to share different parts of our journeys with. But not many of us can honestly say we have been friends, well, forever!

In a nutshell, here's how our little LadyBugs story... After a long time dealing with infertility issues, we finally saw those two magic lines appear on a home pregnancy kit in September 2009. Four years in the making! I have PCOS, which makes trying to get pregnant very difficult for us. Well to be honest, it just sucks. After losing our son in 2006, the pain of his loss seemed to be enhanced by the fact that we just were not able to fall pregnant again. So much to say about all this, but another day will lend itself to explore all that happened in that time... but for now, she's here!

So I have some pretty amazing friends... two of these dear friends were pregnant at the same time as me... both faithful ladies praying desperately that we would be able to have another child, and then both receiving the blessing they wanted for us. One said she had been praying that we would have triplets! Instead all three of us have been able to carry our own healthy babe, and then bring them into this world. And it was really wonderful to be able to share the pregnancy journey together, and now we get to watch our LadyBug grow and laugh with two of the most outrageously gorgeous little men... her 'womb buddies'.



  1. tear in my eye. you are so precious. good on you for blogging!

  2. YOU are amazing. 'Walking around with my heart on the outside' is the perfect title for your blog. Aww darling. Thanks for this post and for sharing your heart. xoXO

  3. Thank you my dear friends... love you both lots xxoo

  4. Love it! They will be buddies for life.


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