Monday, January 3, 2011

My notebook-babes

It's been a busy day of packing and gardnening here... not that you could tell by the look of these two lovelies lounging about with their note-books on a sunny afternoon. 

I'll give LittleBee credit though, she did spend a lot of time out in the garden with DaddaBee, laying mulch and fetching water for the garden... interspersed with trampoline somersaults and dancing on the patio... all what a 7 year old loves.  And packed up her dvd's and cd's without complaining.  I think secretly she is already eager to be in the new house and have them all unpacked again.

LadyBug is new to the technology world, but there really isn't much out there these days that doesn't ring, chime, light up or sing when you poke and prod it's many buttons and slider thingies.  She's a bit weary of this one, but gave it a go anyway.

Anyway, it's seven days now til moving-day... just another pitstop on our journey to who knows where really.  Thankfully this move, although it is Move #8 for us, is a local one, and I am hoping that it will be a swift and painless process!

MummaBee xo

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