Monday, March 28, 2011


Growing up, we had pretty simple birthday celebrations. Simple, but special at the same time. I remember starting the day being woken by dad on his way out to work. He'd come in and gently wish us a happy day. Mum would ask us what we wanted for dinner that night. She would always prepare our favorite meal, and the cake too. Mum would pick up unfilled continental cakes, and fill them with the most delicious sweet cream and chocolate filling. Sometimes crazy homemade cakes with purple icing, or singing happy birthday around the kitchen bench. Fun memories of special times together as a family.

I quietly tiptoe into your room to gently wake you. With your dark fuzzy hair sticking out from under your doona, you're grumbling at being woken before 9am. But it doesn't take you long to realize that it's your special day. And with your special day comes a special breakfast. Your big sister has already convinced you that french toast is your favorite breakfast, because that's what she loves to have for breakfast. But you're 5 years old now, and you are putting up a fight and making sure that you get breaky just the way you like it on your birthday.

Tomorrow we will remember Oliver 5 years after his birth and death. It should be a happy day for Leila as we head out to the aquarium and enjoy some time together. There won't be any fuzzy haired boy emerging from the bedding tomorrow, nor a request for special breakfast being made just to his liking. But for my girls I hope we can make March 29th a day of being together as family and enjoying each other, making some happy memories and remembering our precious boy.

happy birthday Oliver

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  1. That is so special and some beautifully written memories there Nic, Hope you guys have a wonderful day tomorrow xx

  2. (((((((hugs))))))) sweetie. Thinking of you. May God bless your heart especially at the this time of remembering dear Oliver. xo

  3. Love you heaps, Oliver. Hope Jesus made you the cake you love the best, I suspect He did. Looking forward to hanging out with you some day little man...

    love you miss cole.

  4. Beautiful words and post Noo. I am sure he was right there with you guys looking at the sharks and jellyfish, and in two minds while enjoying watching the penguins, just like his Mama is ;) . Was thinking of you guys on Olivers birthday and think of him often. xoxo


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