Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little victories

As a Mum you tend to make big fusses over small victories... the pee that ended up in the potty rather than the floor... kids eating all their broccoli... that kind of stuff. I think as a stay at home mum, for me anyway, the victories are found in even more obscure places.

Take today for example... I managed to make my own bed! A genuine victory let me assure you, as to be honest, bed making is not often on the accomplished list. So when I had finished making my bed and marveled at how beautiful and organized it made the room look, I knew that it was going to be a productive day.

With the day coming to a close and the princesses in bed, here's a look at some of my little victories today:

* washed and dried 4 loads of laundry. Thanking God for a clothes drier on wet days! Half if it all has been folded too. Double bonus.

* I caught and released a vicious rogue spider! Ok it was a just baby huntsman, and I caught it in a jar and threw it outside jar and all, but this is a huge effort for me! I was being so brave, standing on a kitchen chair, jar and paper in hand. Once it was in the jar I panicked and imagined all sorts of terrible things that spider was going to do to me if I let it out. So LittleBee opened the door for me and once my foot hit the floor the coffee jar and spider were tossed outside in one frantic move. We screamed and slammed the door shut while we watched the little critter trying to race back inside!

* thanks to Pataks we had a lovely chicken korma for dinner, enjoyed by all. LadyBug had her first taste of Indian food! She was impressed. The highlight of the meal was the pan fried roti bread, which I managed to cook one-handed as I juggled a snuggly babe.

* my girls now smell like sweet strawberries after enjoying a warm bubble bath together. And for now they are sleeping. That is the pinnacle of a days success in any mum's eyes I'd say.

Just mundane things really, nothing to get too excited about, but little things that make me smile. Tomorrow will be different, thankfully every day is. I wonder what little victories are in store for me then!

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  1. Thanks for letting us have a peek at your day. Absolutely making your bed is a victory. Washing done in any and all formats constitutes HUGE victories. Yummy dinner is FAB! Clean & cuddly kiddos and happy memories of the day all count BIG TIME! And catching a scary spider and getting it out of the house.... well girl, that just simply takes the cake!!!! Yeah YOU!!!

    Sending hugs to you. Wish we could have a cuppa together. I love your blog. You are great in your writing. Since I can't see you it makes me feel like I'm almost there. Miss you. Love you heaps xo

  2. Thanks Steph. I'm still not happy that Scotland is so far away. Missing out times together *sigh* Glad we can share bits and pieces over the internet though. XxOo


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