Sunday, March 20, 2011

{me and my mumma}

Sharing some giggles with my special little LadyBug.

This photo isn't the best quality. I took it on the internal camera on the iphone which makes it pretty blurry too, but it was just too precious a moment to hit the delete button and have it erased forever.

I find that I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photos, especially ones of me! But after reading a blog post a friend shared with me (see comments to my last post) I was challenged to start taking more pictures of me with my girls. I know in years to come, when I'm either too old to remember or not here any more to share our memories with them, they will love that I took some photos of our special times together.


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  1. Such a great idea Nikki. I am ALWAYS behind the camera, something that needs to be changed.


  2. What a beautiful thought. You dont mind if I steal that idea do you honey???? I could so do more of that with my babies to...b4 they get to old to have their pic taken with me.
    Love ya

  3. Sil ~ indeed! You take amazing pics. You should check out the link in the comments in my last post! She suggests handing her $1000 camera to the kids to have them take a pic *gasp* tee hee hee Oh, ps... you should start a blog too ;) xo

    Danni ~ fo shiz honey, go for it. Not an original idea of mine anyway, just passing on the inspiration. Can't wait to see the pics you take too. xo

    Mel ~ thanks :) Can I have a like button here?

  4. Indeed you sure can, let me get the instructions for you..

    Go to 'dashboard' and click on 'design'

    Click on 'edit' under where it says blog posts..

    find where it says 'reactions' and click 'edit'

    My fist blog had like or love.. but you can put what you like :]

    Good luck xx

  5. I am sure I commented here! bizarre! You are a winner on my blog chicken visit me at jemikaan land to claim it :) . Oh and I am sure I commented and said I love this idea and I love that photo (and love you guys xo)

  6. YAY! Thanks Jen. And you're a funny girl. You commented on the FB link ;) You really do need this holiday hey! Make sure you come back all nice and relaxed ok xo

    Mel ~ thanks for that. Will have to have a play and see :) looks fun


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