Friday, April 15, 2011

Milestones and Moments

In previous weeks I have been sharing a photo titled {this moment}  but this week I have found it too difficult to just find one moment.  Instead I have found that my camera has been filled with little moments, and some monumental milestones.  

I mean, just look at how this LadyBug is growing...

Reading books...

Eating giant cookies...

 Trying on Mumma's slippers...

Using the furniture, people, or toy boxes to get around the house...

(check out the cloth nappy bum too... how cute right!)

In addition to this, she now has 6 teeth and counting.  I'm pretty sure another two are just bursting to come through.  Just a tad difficult to catch them with the camera though.  LadyBug enjoys meal times, and enjoys sharing them with the dog!  No photos of that either, I'm usually too busy shooing the dog away or escorting him outside!  Oh, and she is waving hello and goodbye, and waves both hands emphatically to signal that she has finished her dinner and wants to get down from the highchair.  Lots of MumMum's, Mumma's, DadDad's and Dadda's, even at the right times too, along with bubba and a possible rara.  Not sure what that means yet.  She tries to say dog (d-o-t) and cat (d-a-t) at times, which is amazing, but to hear her say Ta is just so sweet.  It's more like taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, with the hand extended and all!

There will no doubt be at least a hundred new things she will be doing next week... so stay tuned ;)


  1. Oh wow, she is very forward isn't she!! How beautiful!!

    I also noticed you haven't put much up about 'LittleBee' i'd love to hear about how she is going with her studies etc.

    And good on you for sticking up for yourself!! You know what is best for your baby.. x

  2. Thanks Mel. There is a LittleBee post in the making already! It was started last night but had to save it to catch up on Greys Anatomy online *blush*

  3. She is so clever nik.. and manners already....nawwwwwwww

  4. 'Rara' would be her saying 'Leila'. For sure!

  5. I agree Leah :) I was just going to post that. Ladybug is so incredibly delicious! :D .


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