Friday, April 15, 2011

So what are your plans for breast feeding? Thinking of weaning soon?

This is what a doctor asked me about LadyBug this morning.  The doctor who, after we waited for him to speak to us for about 20 minutes, walked in, really only to authorise the work of a younger doctor (a fellow), who was seeing us about LadyBug's intolerances.  Well, today they were testing for allergies, and after this appointment I surmised that they really don't like to talk about the possibilities of intolerances... everything is either a serious allergy ~ you know the ones that are life threatening (which we all know as anaphylaxis, but perhaps I am not smart enough to know what that is, and therefore it was just labelled the 'serious' allergy today!) , or "the other" type of allergy (which causes upset tummies and sometimes eczema, we would call an intolerance).


So said Head Doctor told me today that God intended breast feeding for new born babies, and that from an allergy point of view there is no nutritional benefit in breast feeding past 6 months.  That really caused me to raise a sarcastic eye brow in his direction.  And for those that know me well, I am not one to freely speak my mind, so that was as irate as I was going to get in public!

Not that he was telling me to stop feeding.  He made sure he stressed that.  And if I was convinced she is getting enough calcium from other sources then by all means I should continue breast feeding!

But for some reason his comment really got under my skin.  To be told that feeding after 6 months is pretty useless was a bit, hmm, how can I put it... idiotic to me.  I know and believe that God intended for us to breast feed, otherwise our suddenly engorged mammary glands would not be leaking milky goodness a few days after we bring our young into the world.  But I also know that it doesn't always work that way.  And I do know that for some women, breast feeding is a really difficult experience, and their bodies and babies don't always get the hang of feeding.  But sheez, if I was struggling with breast feeding, that sure isn't the best encouragement to get!

I think the reason why it upset me the most, is that this is the first time EVER that someone has told me that breast milk isn't necessarily the best.  As a new mum, you usually get a lot of encouragement to breast feed from midwives, maternal child health workers, and if you are fortunate then you also get support from friends and family, and maybe even your OB GYN!!!  Even the Pediatrician that has seen us through LadyBugs intolerances was the first to suggest that I go on a restrictive diet to make sure LadyBug is not effected and can still enjoy her mumma's milk.

So, Dr man, the answer to your question is No, we don't have any plans to wean.  I am thankful my little LadyBug is a happy feeder.  We have fed thus far through her suspected intolerances, and will continue to do so.  I'm also thankful that I am strong enough to not let the words of a professional cause me to doubt my decision to feed my baby in this way.

That, is my breast feeding plan.


  1. Your baby, your decision!
    Good on you for not letting him get to you.

  2. Well done my give me his name and number so your outspoken friend can ear bash him! ;-)

  3. Ok, I am the outspoken of our duo so I will say it....he is a COMPLETE TOOL! What an idiot! Infact I was told when Angel was going tyhrough the same deal as Ladybug is now at th absokage, by her PAED that breastfeeding (on restricted diet) was the absolute best thing for her. Is he living under a rock? arent world recommendations now that breastfeeding should continue to at least 2 years old? *sigh* . I completely agree with you that those statements could be incredibly damaging to someone else :( . Idiota!

    You are doing an awesome job my friend :) . Ladybug is incredibly happy and pudgy and delicious (must stop saying that in comments incase you fear I will eat her next visit ;) ) . I get what you mean about intolerances. I have heard so often from professionals the 'oh' and change of subject when it is mentioned. Because of course intolerances are not important at all if they only cause rashes, upset stomaches and severe behaviour reactions *eye roll* *sarcasm* .

    Love your breastfeeding plan :) xo

  4. Came across this one while looking at your most recent... well I have my little not-baby finishing breastfeeding next week on her birthday. By the time you see us the following weekend at her birthday party she might even have forgotten but this mumma will forever be thankful and rejoice that contrary to silly doctors, and despite a hazardous experience first time around, 5 years to the day will be my gift to her...


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