Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quarantine again...

Two weeks ago our little LadyBug came out with tiny red dots all over her little body. After consulting the medical books that line the bookshelf, Dr Mumma diagnosed the Chicken Pox.

Her case was, thankfully fairly mild. We invested in some oatmeal bath lotions and even learned how to make good old fashioned oat baths with real oats, to help soothe her spotty skin. Daily oat baths and lots of cuddles were in order and after two weeks all of those nasty little dots have disappeared.

LittleBee has never had the chicken pox. We didn't get the vaccine for it when she was a baby. It was very new and fairly expensive and I figured it would be a lot better for her to contract the virus naturally and allow her body to fight it.  Fast forward 7 years, and we were relieved when LadyBug got the pox, because we thought for sure LittleBee would finally get them too.  For the next few days we were eagerly watching her skin, just waiting for that first tell tale spot to arise.  When it didn't happen, we thought that was that.  Until we decided to go Mother's Day shopping the day before Mother's Day.

LittleBee is a natural born shopper.  She just loves cruising around the shopping centre, even just for looking, although bagging a bargain is a treat for us all.  When it came time to shop on this occasion, she was tired.  Grumpy.  "Can we go home now" GASP!  She must be sick!  So our shopping trip was cut short and we drove home for her to start her respite.  "This just has to be the pox" I thought, and sure enough the new day dawned and so did her spots!

So this week we are in quarantine... just in case we happen to bump into someone who hasn't been vaccinated or hasn't had the pox.  There has been a lot of distraction going on to help stop the little one itching and scratching... a new adventure book, an activity book, and lots of dvd's and computer games.  I think somehow, that LittleBee is going to be just fine.  Don't you....


  1. Absolutely fine my dear.. I am also glad to see the girls are both relatively young and have them 'out the way'.. Get well soon little girls..xx

  2. Hi Nikki
    Glad to hear the girls are on the mend. Interrestingly enough I read a research article on chicken pox a few years ago and found out that they discovered that chicken pox is good for children to get as it activates the immune system. People who had the pox as children don't get certain cancers and other diseases.


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