Sunday, June 5, 2011

Riding the Viking Flume, a story by LittleBee

It's never really been a chore to get LittleBee to do her school work.  This is her third year of primary school at home, and without sounding too biased, I have to say that she has taken to it really well.  I was supremely impressed at how quickly she picked up reading in Prep, and you can often find her now with her head buried deep into an adventure novel.  She loves doing math, bible, science, music, art, anything really.  Anything that is, except for writing.  This is the subject where she digs in her heels and refuses to cooperate.

I expected her to love writing, given her affection for books.  LittleBee has a great imagination.  She loves to dance and make up stories and songs.  It's getting them down on to the paper that's the hard part.

Story writing was bound to come up in her English work.  Grade 1 English was mainly looking at reading, spelling and basic sentence structure.  This big girl Grade 2 stuff is different.  We don't have it quite as easy now, and it was with gritted teeth, and dare I say, a few tantrums that we dove in head first.  It took two full days of nothing else, but we got through it.  Yes, I said TWO FULL DAYS!  Nothing else.  We were immersed in writing.  We learned about forming ideas, brainstorming, drafting, proofreading, revising and finally publishing.  It was NOT fun, just ask LittleBee.  It was borderline torture (I know it doesn't look that was, especially in the smiling photo below, but you can rest assured she is glad it's over) but proudly we (she!) got through it...


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