Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Great Gluten/Egg/Dairy Free Bread Challenge

or... How to Make a Bread That Will Make Every Body Happy.

A little while ago I decided that it would be great to be able to bake a gluten free bread at home.  MrDadda has a sensitive tummy (to what we think is gluten, but has not been tested).  In my research I quickly discovered that a lot of gluten free recipes contain egg and/or dairy.  Which, as you may have read in earlier posts, are no good for LadyBug's intolerances (and MilkMumma needs to avoid them for a happy existence too).

The call was made to find a gluten/egg/dairy free bread recipe.  Thinking "is there even such a thing???" I came across this amazing blog by QuirkyJo , a passionate foodie, who's blog I have simply fallen in love with.  She shared her rendition of a Gluten Free Crusty Boule from the book "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day".  Yes, the recipe called for eggs (I was finding it near impossible to find the perfect bread for us) but after asking for advice, I came to the conclusion there really is no reason why I couldn't make it with an egg replacer.

And so I embarked on the shopping journey, as for some reason sorgham flour isn't that easy to come by.  Then on to the creation expedition.  Perhaps I should let the pictures tell the story.

The dough is more like scone dough, which makes it a really simple bread to make

Our little boule (naww)

All baked a ready to eat... mmm, looks tasty yes?

Little slice for you?

Now if you look at Jo's bread, or even the bread from the Artisan site you will see some lovely light looking bread.  My loaf leaves a little to be desired, and I suspect it's due to the absence of eggs. I have researched a few other ideas for replacing the egg, so hopefully will just get better from here.  My oven is a sad piece of equipment, and baking has proved to be quite hit and miss with cooking times of late, so I think I need to tweak the cooking times to suit the temperament of my oven.

And so it has begun.  The Great Gluten/Egg/Dairy Free Bread Challenge.  Many loaves to come I'm sure as we are in pursuit of the perfect bread for our family.

Do you have any great baking bread tips to share with this first time home baker?


  1. Well done! Keep at it - I'm sure you'll get it just perfect soon, which will be very exciting for all those egg & gluten free people out there!!! YAY! Jo xx

  2. Liz ~ Thank you. Once I perfect it you will have to try a piece :D

    Jo ~ Thank you for your comment, and welcome to my blog ;) It certainly is tricky being food-challenged but we are getting there. And I am learning a lot too, a lot about nutrition, and what we are consuming. Very interesting journey we have started. Thank you for your tips and support too.

  3. Love this post...and your blog!
    I have sorhgum flour! I found it at an Indain grocery store in Burnside! :-) I've not used it you can borrow a cup if you like.
    My water kefir is going nicely, soon I will try a sourdough that is egg, gluten, dairy, processed sugar and yeast free! I'll let you know how I go!


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