Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little bit of vegan perfection

This morning we decided to leave our lovely country-esque surroundings to make a trek into the "Big Smoke" in search of sweet vegan* perfection.

Because of LadyBug's intolerances, we are always on the lookout for delicious egg and dairy free eats and treats. When I was researching LadyBug friendly foods for her first birthday, I stumbled upon Mister Nice Guy* cupcakes... and after months of dreaming and salivating we finally made it out to Brunswick to see and taste for ourselves just how good a bit of vegan baking can be.

We walked into the groovy little bakery/cafe, tucked away along a bike path beside the Railway Hotel. We ordered lunch... delicious quesadillas with 'sour cream' for me. LittleBee enjoyed French Toast with blueberries and a nice warm chai. I'm sorry, incase you didn't get the complexity of it all... we had FRENCH TOAST! Without Egg! Oh. My. Goodness.

Three of the fluffiest and most intense cupcakes were next on our "to devour" list. Rose Water, Booberry Lemon and a choc-berry insanely delish morsel I can't remember the name of right now...

And as you can see from the photo below, they were devoured fairly quickly, along with a tasty little cuppy for the babe.

So I'm a little excited about our outing today. Could you tell? Being able to eat out and not have to think about the ingredients or to not have to ask if they have soy milk, to know that LadyBug can happily lick spoons and freely grab food from plates without the fear of her eating something that would cause her so much discomfort was just refreshing. I'm already looking forward to going back and getting my hands on some more vegan cupcake goodness!

This is all that was left of the cupcakes by the time I thought to get the camera out.

* I think I should clarify that we are not Vegans by description, but we subscribe to the vegan way of eating at times as it is egg and dairy free, therefore exactly what LadyBug and her MilkMumma can digest, creating a scream and pain free environment.


  1. Fantastic!! Sounds like my kind of cafe. Egg free and dairy free as I must be just now. I'm intrigued about egg free french toast. Recipe??? Your littlest princess looks adorable enjoying her treats. (big smiles) xo

  2. Glad to see you guys getting out and having fun. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead with your princesses.xoxo

  3. Liz ~ thank you. I suppose it's a perk to Hubby working an extra day at home.

    Steph ~ The French Toast was incredible in every sense of the word. I asked how they did it and they use their crepe batter mix. I didn't ask what was in it, but it's pretty easy to find/make vegan pancakes so I'll be on the case to perfect it at home and will share the findings with you. Oh they used a multi grain bread too. Delish.


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