Sunday, July 24, 2011

meeting for the first time...

I was walking passed LittleBee's room the other day whilst on one of my many manic errands we mothers embark on daily.  I caught a glimpse of both the girls crouching on the floor looking at something... and with the state of the room that day, it really could have been anything!  I paused briefly, curious as to what they could be doing.

Then LittleBee spoke these words which will be etched on my heart forever...

"That's Oliver, that's your big brother.  That's me.  That's me, and that's Oliver.  He's your big brother"

They were crouched down beside this photo that LittleBee has in her room to remind her of her own special introduction to her baby brother...

For a long time Oliver was known as "Baby Brother".  Now he is also known as "Big Brother"


  1. That's just beautiful. I think you will forever treasure that moment. Leila is such a beautiful big sister.

  2. this is so beautiful Nikki :)
    Such mixed blessings...
    lovely that you and your family can openly mourn and celebrate little Oliver's life.
    Don't you just love being a Christian and knowing that you will indeed see him again?
    Love you my friend
    MW x x x x

  3. So beautiful. What a blessing that everyone gets to know Oliver's place in the family. That he HAS a place in the family. I agree that it's incredible that Oliver can be mourned and celebrated in your family. love you all.

  4. (sigh). It must have just melted your heart. May those precious moments carry you through. Oliver is so loved, remembered and cherished. How gorgeous that Leila is old enough to share this with little Neriah now. Precious.
    Bless you my dear friend. love you loads xo

  5. A truly moving moment in time Nikki. ..xx

  6. Thats really special! Treasured, never forgotten.

  7. Thank you for all your comments. I am surely blessed.

  8. Oh what a sweet big sister, that brought m to tears.

  9. Thank you Tesha. It still brings me to tears too *sigh*


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