Saturday, September 10, 2011

"just like peas and carrots"

This week we hosted our first play date in a long time.  There was a time in our lives when play dates with a special family happened weekly.  Sometimes even a couple of times a week.  We would meet at our place, or theres... at a park or shopping centre.  We'd enjoy lunches, crafting together, let the kids create incredible paint messes in the yard.  There were countless cookies, cupcakes and donuts consumed, and as our families grew, many a birthday cake and party has been shared between us.  A few years ago we moved house from one side of Melbourne to the other, and with that move, we left our dear friends behind.  I am thankful that we only moved just over an hour away, and not anything crazy like interstate, yet the move did mean that our weekly visits and many many play dates and fun times could not be as frequent.

But this week, for the first time in this little town, LittleBee had a LittleFriend over to enjoy the afternoon with.

LittleFriend arrived promptly at 2pm, and these bright little butterflies flitted from one game to the next, from one room to the next, inside and outside all afternoon.  Hand in hand.  Giggling and squealing.  It filled the house with a noise reminiscent of many an afternoon spent with our other dear friends, and filled my heart with joy knowing that LittleBee has found a kindred spirit to be all girly with.

They boldly requested chicken schnitzel for dinner, so while a Barbie movie was entertaining the girls in the play room, I set about getting dinner ready.  Coat the chicken... Cook the peas... Peel the carrots.

Peeling carrots at anytime reminds me of Forrest Gump.  Have you seen the movie?  Such an beautiful film!  Forrest likens his friendship with his childhood friend as peas and carrots.  As I set the dinner plates out infront of a table of hungry faces, it occurred to me that peas and carrots really do go together.  They have their obvious differences, but on the plate, they are in sweet harmony.

I'm not sure if LittleBee has found her "Jenny" in this dear LittleFriend who spent the afternoon here the other day.  But I do know that she has make a beautiful friend all the same, and I look forward to enjoying hearing more of their giggles and squeals as they make their own memories together.

... I dedicate this clip to my own "Jenny".  You and me like peas and carrots girl.  I value you, and appreciate your friendship so much.  Thank you for the little gift you left me last night too XxOo

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  1. I feel like I'm in trouble when you call me Jenny ;). I'm glad you found your gift. I value you more than you know. I miss those playmates so so much. I'm so glad that L had a friend to play and you got to recreate those playdate feelings :). xoxoxo

    Ps"I love that movie, it's one of my all time favourites and even though I don't like peas I do love your sentiment and think it signifies us perfectly xoxo"


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