Thursday, October 6, 2011

outside my window...

... the skies are threatening to rain.  The clouds are gathering together, with their plans and schemes to saturate the unsuspecting ground below.


... two little girls are making up stories, singing songs, and bouncing around together.  Giggles and songs burst forth intermittently breaking up the silence that would otherwise surround them.  With them, is the littlest princess.  I can hear her little giggles mixed in with the bigger ones, just slightly, as they bounce with her and protect her from the world outside.


... I can hear the chirps of sweet little birds, scurrying around trying to find a mid afternoon snack.  A few of them flit past the window.  Some stop to perch upon the fence, while others can only be heard in the trees down in the yard.


... two playful little puppies next door are yapping and yipping enjoying the last little bursts of afternoon sun.  My own dog is racing up and down the patio, chasing his imagination, back and forth, back and forth.

... the wind picks up a few of the branches that I can see from my window, and gently sways them to and fro.  The wind looks as cool and grey as the sky is overhead.

And in a moment, perhaps all too soon for this relaxing Mumma, the three little princesses emerge through the door that was separating the bustling outside world with my peaceful inside one... and swiftly begin to infiltrate my silence with their girly songs and giggles... escaping the threat of afternoon rain and bringing a little sunshine indoors.

the view from where I sit

What is the view like from your window today?


  1. Congratulations!

    Your one of my Top Reads..

    Click into my blog for your reward!

    Melissa x

  2. Lovely ...
    I can imagine everything around the house specially the window ...
    You can describe perfectly
    makes me want to visit you and sit close to you and close to the window to enjoy the view


  3. Hi Rishe! I hope that one day you and your family can come and visit. I would love that a lot. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it xo


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