Friday, October 28, 2011

through the eyes of the "baby"

The iPhone... the latest and greatest toy for kids right?  My little LadyBug just loves getting hold of Mumma's phone and having all sorts of fun with it.  I often find my phone covered in who knows what kind of sticky finger prints.  After giving the screen a quick clean with a baby wipe, the fun really begins as I close the countless apps she has opened, reset my wallpaper and delete the email drafts and web pages that she couldn't access without the internet connection!

Plugging my phone into the computer to charge and access the photos has led to a delightful surprise for me this week.  I have just finished downloading more than 60 photos taken by my budding iPhone photographer.  So here's a snapshot of this week... through the eyes of the "baby"...

in the car... there were about 14 of these shots

sitting with Dadda

highchair at a restaurant x 6

self portrait

the dinner table

just a few more...

... gorgeous portraits

and the lounge room floor


  1. My two do that all the time.. Jie mostly takes photo's of the TV and his toys, while Nevaeh holds the camera back-to-front so she captures her dribbles most of the time.. it's very cute.. it's the yummy looking gobbies that make me cringe!!

    Your little buttercup is so beautiful.. especially the toe shot!! Very cute!!

  2. Thanks Mel... I think she's pretty darn cute too ;) Now I just have to teach her how to aim at subjects, and then the real fun will begin I'm sure. I'm pretty impressed for her talent at just 17 months ;) Have you kept some of the photos your kids have taken themselves?

  3. I love the self portraits. She is a gorgeous wee bub. Clever girl learning to take photos by herself.

    Oh and by the way Nikki I love the new blog background. Adorable.
    lots of love to you. xoXO

  4. Thanks Steph. It was a freebie... check out :D love you too xo


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