Friday, November 4, 2011

I got a pressie today

See my lovely banner ^up there^?  The lovely Chareen at everybedofroses made this pretty little banner for my blog.  Thanks so much Chareen.  I just love it.

It made me think of the "blessings" I have around me right now.  Even though some days are tinged with a little loneliness and grief, and others a completely filled with people and busy-ness and errands and activities,  there is always a friend close by to share a hug with, or just to tell me that "I'm ok"

... a little slice of vegan-delicious cake and a cup of tea shared with friends every Thursday night, along with a few giggles and encouraging words...

... sitting at a computer and "chatting" with a dear friend who is a million miles away physically, but can be right there with me in an instant to share a day full of highs and lows...

... virtual hugs and shoulders shared with my bestie over the phone almost daily...

... and then a lovely gift via email, which shows me that I am thought of and loved.

Little rays of sunshine (to be a tad corny, but truthful), these people just burst in through the window and sprinkle their love and sunshine to make life feel a little more complete.


  1. You are very welcome special friend. Keep smiling and focus on the blessings

  2. Like the banner. Love the blog update. It is a pleasure sharing life with you. A million miles away I may be but I'm right here- heart to heart with you. Big hugs and lots of love xoXO


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