Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 days til Christmas: The First Annual Pre Christmas Toy Purge

I was inspired by a friend who posted on Facebook that she was having a pre christmas toy sort-through.  It's a brilliant idea really... I mean it makes total sense to sort through the boxes upon boxes of toys that occupy just about every room in the house to make way for all the new and exciting things the girls will receive in a few short weeks.  And what a brilliant motivator it is too... especially when you are 8, and the thought of new and exciting toys is enough to get you moving!

So I put my shoes on (a.k.a. FlyLady style), grabbed a handful of garbage bags and hit the rumpus room first.  I wasn't too long into my first sorting mission when our dear little play mates came for a visit, so some of my sorting became play property again!  LittleBee was a great helper in keeping them occupied with cubby houses and picnics in the yard.

lunch time!

Once our little friends went home for their naps, and LadyBug reluctantly succumbed to sleep herself, it was time to hit the BIG ONE!  LittleBee's room!  gasp!  3 hours, 2 garbage bags of rubbish and 3 garbage bags of loved yet unwanted clothes and toys, and then her room was transformed, like magic into the most immaculate state I have ever imagined!  The wardrobe is sorted, the clothes drawers are neatly containing the clothes that actually fit her, and the floor is totally visible.   I really should have taken a before and after picture, so that you can get the magnitude of what I am saying here.  More often than not you have to climb over mounds of toys, clothes, barbie shoes in order to even say goodnight to LittleBee... if you can find her underneath the pile of toys that adorn her bed every night!  Now she even has a few empty boxes in her storage unit for all those amazing new gifts!

I was very proud of LittleBee today.  It's tough for a kid to say goodbye to toys, but she was determined to work hard and make her room amazing.  And she did.

We piled all our goodies into the back of the car and made a somewhat epic trip to the local donation bins.  I think that's the hardest part, actually putting them in the containers, but it's also the most rewarding.  I can only hope that there are some little girls out there that will just be tremendously blessed by some of these fun and fabulous things!

"purge (verb)
physically remove (something) completely"
Among other definitions, the Oxford dictionary offers this as a meaning for the word purge.  And that's what we got up to today.

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