Friday, December 9, 2011

a week in pictures

The weeks have just melded into one huge mess recently, well that's the way it seems anyway.  Sewing projects have been laid aside, my blog has been neglected, even my poor little exercise buddy has taken to sleeping all day rather than trying to entice me to take him for a walk.  Life seems to be going a little too fast, and I am pretty sure that if it wasn't for my iPhone, I would not have a chance to capture all the fun things we have gotten up to recently.

So today, I proudly present, A Week in Pictures, as bought to you by me and the handy dandy iPhone...

LittleBee finished school for 2011...
LittleBee is so excited to be finished with school this year.  She loves that she can finish school two weeks before all her friends!  I think she has made plans already for the next two weeks, as have I... sewing machine here we come ;)

... while LadyBug spent lots of time on the phone!
LadyBug and her special nap time snuggles.
We learned that LadyBug can plank and watch tv at the same time!

Phrases for this week, out of the mouth of the Lady Bug: an enthusiastic "YESSSSSS" and a parroted "Oh Man!"  Lots of "Mumma" which means anything from 'take me to the woman' to 'pass me that remote', and "Nooo" which is being used very accurately at the moment.  "Tahdoo" for thank you and "taaadah" for give that to me!

The tree went up...

I say "the tree went up" but you don't really put "up" a tree that is smaller than the toddler!  This time last year we were packing up our house getting ready to move here.  Rather than go all out with a huge tree like I would have loved to, I purchased this quaint 90cm tree from Kmart with the intention on buying a big new tree in the new year.  Well, seeing our LadyBug is an avid climber, we decided it would be best to stick to the little tree on a table top for this year again, and then hopefully we can put up a huge new tree next year.  I have only had to save the tree (and the baby) twice since it went up, but I do hope that next year she won't be as inquisitive... wishful thinking I know!

We shared in some special thanksgiving meals, one with or family friends and a second one with our Church family.  We have certainly seen our fair share of turkey and pumpkin pie for this season!

We loved on a very special new little guy...

We also shared in some Christmas festivities at the annual RAAF Christmas Party, kick starting our Advent activities for 2011...

... and loved on a baby goat.

LittleBee was transformed into a gorgeous butterfly and shared a kiss with a flower power LadyBug....

... then snuggled up with Santa.

Day by day I see my little girls growing... and it's hard to believe that we are getting set for Christmas again (already).  I'm looking forward to seeing what this week will hold for us, and hopefully this time next week I will have a lot of finished sewing projects and a lot more happy snaps to share.


  1. What precious photos Nic xoxo Love them all {Especially the kiss}

  2. Aw hon! Bless you heaps in this busy season of Christmas. I love love love the week in pictures. You had some truly lovely moments this week. Praying that you will have a great fortnight before Christmas. Seeing all these pictures, seeing your cute blog and hearing your heart just makes me miss you LOADS more than I already have been. Arrrrgggghhh!! Let's organise a Skype chat for later in your holidays. Miss you, love you loads and am blessed to see you enjoying every moment. love, Steph xoXO

  3. Your family is so cute! And there's nothing wrong with having a small tree. LOL

  4. Thanks Mel, I think that's my fav too. My princesses are very easy to photgraph, which makes it very easy to do!

    Steph - your comments are always so heartfelt and it makes me miss you more too. Missing making cards with you and sipping peppermint tea. If we can tee up a skype chat next week that would be good :) Love you.

    Susan, tee hee, I think they are pretty cute too. My little tree is keeping safe up on my desk for now, so everyone is happy, though I do wander through the stores looking longingly at the massive trees. LittleBee (who is 8) suggested we take home the mall display tree. I think it was about 20 feet tall lol


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