Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you remember your first....

Bubble O' Bill?

The chocolate, strawberry and was that caramel? ice cream, I never really could tell.  And of course the quintessential bubble gum nose.  Who could forget this icon from our childhood.
I remember as a child trying so hard to eat around the bubblegum just right, so that it wouldn't fall off on to the ground before having the chance to chew chew chew.  I also remember it being a really average bubblegum as far as bubble gum is concerned, but the experience as a whole was pretty amazing.

So LittleBee is at the ice cream freezer at Adventure Park last week, trying ever so hard to choose just the right ice cream for herself.  She has pretty indulgent tastes, and I could see her eyeing off the new Magnum Temptation.  She has never been a plain lemonade icy pole kind of kid.  Even as a baby she would prefer a Callipo over an icy pole every time.  Just as her hand starts to reach for that Magnum, I spy a Bubble O' Bill!  

Try explaining to a 7 year old that this is the most amazing ice cream EVER.  I mean, look it has a bubble gum nose.  She kind of stared at me, bewildered, not truly understanding what I was saying.  But it looked cool enough for her, so she grabbed it and headed to the counter.  The sales lady was really enthusiastic about the Bubble O' Bill too, and told LittleBee that it's nose was bubble gum.  Oh My Goodness!  Really!  Like it was something she had never heard before.  Obviously I wasn't speaking 7 year old when I told her just how amazing it was.  Or, as I came to realise later, perhaps she didn't really know what bubble gum was.  I'm pretty sure she hasn't had it before, other than bubble gum flavoured ice cream.  Might make sense why she stared at me so funny ;)

Bubble O' Bill was very quickly devoured.  I swear they are only half the size as they were when we were kids.  LittleBee was very impressed with the trio of  ice cream flavours, individually naming each one as she took bite after bite.  "Yeah, it is caramel mum, I can taste it!"

The bubble gum only lasted about 5 minutes.  She didn't like having to chew something and not really getting to eat it.  But needless to say, she has experienced a true Aussie Icon.

Ah Bubble O' Bill... thanks for the memories.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Milestones and Moments

In previous weeks I have been sharing a photo titled {this moment}  but this week I have found it too difficult to just find one moment.  Instead I have found that my camera has been filled with little moments, and some monumental milestones.  

I mean, just look at how this LadyBug is growing...

Reading books...

Eating giant cookies...

 Trying on Mumma's slippers...

Using the furniture, people, or toy boxes to get around the house...

(check out the cloth nappy bum too... how cute right!)

In addition to this, she now has 6 teeth and counting.  I'm pretty sure another two are just bursting to come through.  Just a tad difficult to catch them with the camera though.  LadyBug enjoys meal times, and enjoys sharing them with the dog!  No photos of that either, I'm usually too busy shooing the dog away or escorting him outside!  Oh, and she is waving hello and goodbye, and waves both hands emphatically to signal that she has finished her dinner and wants to get down from the highchair.  Lots of MumMum's, Mumma's, DadDad's and Dadda's, even at the right times too, along with bubba and a possible rara.  Not sure what that means yet.  She tries to say dog (d-o-t) and cat (d-a-t) at times, which is amazing, but to hear her say Ta is just so sweet.  It's more like taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, with the hand extended and all!

There will no doubt be at least a hundred new things she will be doing next week... so stay tuned ;)

So what are your plans for breast feeding? Thinking of weaning soon?

This is what a doctor asked me about LadyBug this morning.  The doctor who, after we waited for him to speak to us for about 20 minutes, walked in, really only to authorise the work of a younger doctor (a fellow), who was seeing us about LadyBug's intolerances.  Well, today they were testing for allergies, and after this appointment I surmised that they really don't like to talk about the possibilities of intolerances... everything is either a serious allergy ~ you know the ones that are life threatening (which we all know as anaphylaxis, but perhaps I am not smart enough to know what that is, and therefore it was just labelled the 'serious' allergy today!) , or "the other" type of allergy (which causes upset tummies and sometimes eczema, we would call an intolerance).


So said Head Doctor told me today that God intended breast feeding for new born babies, and that from an allergy point of view there is no nutritional benefit in breast feeding past 6 months.  That really caused me to raise a sarcastic eye brow in his direction.  And for those that know me well, I am not one to freely speak my mind, so that was as irate as I was going to get in public!

Not that he was telling me to stop feeding.  He made sure he stressed that.  And if I was convinced she is getting enough calcium from other sources then by all means I should continue breast feeding!

But for some reason his comment really got under my skin.  To be told that feeding after 6 months is pretty useless was a bit, hmm, how can I put it... idiotic to me.  I know and believe that God intended for us to breast feed, otherwise our suddenly engorged mammary glands would not be leaking milky goodness a few days after we bring our young into the world.  But I also know that it doesn't always work that way.  And I do know that for some women, breast feeding is a really difficult experience, and their bodies and babies don't always get the hang of feeding.  But sheez, if I was struggling with breast feeding, that sure isn't the best encouragement to get!

I think the reason why it upset me the most, is that this is the first time EVER that someone has told me that breast milk isn't necessarily the best.  As a new mum, you usually get a lot of encouragement to breast feed from midwives, maternal child health workers, and if you are fortunate then you also get support from friends and family, and maybe even your OB GYN!!!  Even the Pediatrician that has seen us through LadyBugs intolerances was the first to suggest that I go on a restrictive diet to make sure LadyBug is not effected and can still enjoy her mumma's milk.

So, Dr man, the answer to your question is No, we don't have any plans to wean.  I am thankful my little LadyBug is a happy feeder.  We have fed thus far through her suspected intolerances, and will continue to do so.  I'm also thankful that I am strong enough to not let the words of a professional cause me to doubt my decision to feed my baby in this way.

That, is my breast feeding plan.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

{this moment}

Heres my moment from the week. A simple, special, moment that I want to pause, savor and remember...

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