Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a look back to when she was born...

I've been thinking lately that I really should write up LadyBug's birth story.  It's usually at the 1 year mark that all those wonderful memories come flooding back as we think about where we were "this time last year".  I've just got to make the time to get it all down on paper (or virtual paper) and while it seems like time is exactly what I don't have, I thought I would share LittleBee's birth story, hopefully to give me some inspiration.

You seemed stubborn.  I suppose it must’ve been quite cosy in there.  Or perhaps it was that after 41 weeks of being pregnant I was getting impatient!  Once we got to the 40 week mark you showed no interest in being born by yourself.  We were given some options… having you delivered by Caesarean section, or being induced.  We chose to give labour a go, hoping that we could have you vaginally, but all the while knowing and trusting that the Lord would work in how He wanted you to enter this world.  We didn’t care how you were born as long as you were safe.
We went in to the hospital on Wednesday night after having a nice meal together.  The midwife inserted some gel to get my cervix ready for labour, and I had some sleeping tablets to ensure I was well rested for the day that was to follow.  Eagerly awaiting you, I managed 8 hours sleep.
Upon waking at 630am I noticed that my waters had broken.  At about 8:30am my body showed me what some mild contractions were like.  They were quite bearable.  Our Dr came along to instruct the attending midwives on the dosage of Syntocinon to help speed up labour.  He told them to up it to full after an  hour!  Thankfully the midwife told me that she would not do that, as it would be far  too painful for me (thank you)
Now the official record says that the first stage of labour started at 11am.  I’m not sure how they classify that - perhaps by the strength of the contractions.  The Syntocinon was certainly doing its job with contractions coming quite fast.  They came in waves, every 2 minutes and lasting about 30seconds.  Although it wasn’t too hard to deal with, I needed to grab the gas mask to take the edge off.  Daddy had to give me back rubs to ease the pain too.
After about six hours our Dr was called in.  You were showing signs of distress on the foetal monitor; an internal examination showed that I was only 3cms dilated.  We were not progressing well, even after so long.  The contractions at this stage were starting to pile up on top of each other, and there was no relief.  The Dr said that you were coming out, but my body wasn’t ready to let you out.  He said that we could have you out within the hour, and by that stage, we were ready to do whatever it took to get you out!  So it was decided that I was to be prepped for an emergency c-section.
The preparation was difficult, as I was now starting to show signs of distress.  Even though the drip was taken out, the contractions did not ease, and I was even having them while the Anaesthetist was inserting the spinal block!  By this stage I was very scared, not knowing what was going to happen, and not being in control I think scared me too. 
From then on it’s really a blur, everything happened so fast.  I was so afraid Daddy was going to miss out… he was rushed in by a midwife, then not long after that the Dr announced that the first incision had been made.  The sensation of having you taking from me like that was incredible, and so difficult to describe.  I could feel every tug and pull, yet no pain at all.
And there you were... all wrapped up so sweetly.  I had a quick kiss, and then they took you off to be checked over, weighed and measured.  My little daughter, finally here, so very beautiful, and I knew you were safe.  All I wanted to do was hold you, but I had to wait a little while longer while the Dr’s attended to me.  After being stitched up I lay in recovery in a dream-like state, just watching the clock and waiting until I could hold you in my arms, let you suckle at my breast, and kiss you again.  It wasn’t too long a wait, and it was worth it…

4:24pm, Thursday 11th September… Welcome to the world LittleBee

Monday, June 13, 2011


I felt like today was a "waiting" day...

... waiting for the heater to kick in and take the early morning chill from house.
... waiting for the coffee machine to warm up so I could officially start the day
... waiting for hubby and LittleBee to come back from the tip
... waiting for the baby to finally push that poop out
... waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the carrot muffins to bake
... watching my LadyBug sleep in my arms, not wanting her to wake just yet but waiting for that moment when she looks up at me with her sleepy, smiling eyes.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Riding the Viking Flume, a story by LittleBee

It's never really been a chore to get LittleBee to do her school work.  This is her third year of primary school at home, and without sounding too biased, I have to say that she has taken to it really well.  I was supremely impressed at how quickly she picked up reading in Prep, and you can often find her now with her head buried deep into an adventure novel.  She loves doing math, bible, science, music, art, anything really.  Anything that is, except for writing.  This is the subject where she digs in her heels and refuses to cooperate.

I expected her to love writing, given her affection for books.  LittleBee has a great imagination.  She loves to dance and make up stories and songs.  It's getting them down on to the paper that's the hard part.

Story writing was bound to come up in her English work.  Grade 1 English was mainly looking at reading, spelling and basic sentence structure.  This big girl Grade 2 stuff is different.  We don't have it quite as easy now, and it was with gritted teeth, and dare I say, a few tantrums that we dove in head first.  It took two full days of nothing else, but we got through it.  Yes, I said TWO FULL DAYS!  Nothing else.  We were immersed in writing.  We learned about forming ideas, brainstorming, drafting, proofreading, revising and finally publishing.  It was NOT fun, just ask LittleBee.  It was borderline torture (I know it doesn't look that was, especially in the smiling photo below, but you can rest assured she is glad it's over) but proudly we (she!) got through it...

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