Tuesday, January 24, 2012

being eight

I really don't remember being eight.  I have some faint memories... playing with the next door neighbours daughter ~ mostly playing tricks on my little brother, telling him that we had been captured by aliens and they were coming back for him.  My baby sister was born when I was eight years old.  Maybe that has something to do with the fact that my memory is fuzzy?  Life with a new baby, as I know very well, is full of nappies, and poop, and crying and in the middle of all of that we moved house a couple of times.  Life was a little hectic for us when I was eight.

LittleBee, aged 8yrs 4 months

Now I am a looong way away from the days of being that young.  And I am blessed now to be surrounded daily with an energetic eight year old of my very own.  I took her to visit a friend this afternoon, who also has two daughters.  One is nearly ten, and the other, Miss H is also eight.  It just so happens that every time we get together with these girls LittleBee and Miss H plan and scheme and organise... sleep overs!  So tonight, it is our turn to host Miss H... and the world, the enticing, thrilling, all giggling and sparkling world of the eight year old girl has descended *with full force* into our humble little home.

So what is it like being eight?  Do you remember being eight?  Here's a glimpse of what life is like for an eight year old... well around here anyway:

  • everything seems funny.  I think eight year old girls particularly (unfortunately this is a generalisation, as I can not comment on what eight year old boys are like) have an endless supply of giggles.  They giggle in the shower.  They giggle at the dinner table.  They giggle when they are supposed to, also at the most inappropriate times.  Add just one self proclaimed funny older boy and the giggles flowing as if they are on tap!  I wonder if they even giggle in their sleep.
  • everything is a secret.  These two girls tonight have been very secretive! Giggles behind closed doors.  Sneaking out to make sure I'm not watching or listening or hearing what they are being secretive about.  Whispers. Flitting from room to room.  More giggles.  A funny (actually funny) thing happened tonight when the girls were shutting themselves in the room for a no doubt secret game.. the door handle came right off locking them inside the room.  I came to their rescue, and as I had to tend to LadyBug I told them that they will have to leave the door open until Dadda came home to fix it.  They seemed ok with that, but as they were secretly discussing their drama at the kitchen bench, I asked them what was wrong, to be told will have to pause their game because they need privacy!  So evidently, eight year olds need privacy!
  • everything is a musical!  I'm not sure if this is true for all eight year olds, as my subject group is rather exclusive, but I can tell you that there has been a lot of singing and dancing here tonight.  And I do know that this is not unusual for LittleBee.  She turns everything into a song, and if it's already a song, she creates a dance for it.  I happened to walk past the bedroom (when the door was open) to catch a glimpse of the girls videoing their little dances.  
  • everything is cute.  The dog is cute.  The cat is so cute.  The little sister is soooooo cute.
  • everything has to be pink.  Or purple.  And sparkly.  It just has to glisten.  
  • everyone is a best friend.  I love that LittleBee can have Miss H over, and even though we only see her a few times every year, they are just so close.  I know that the time they are spending together tonight will help forge their friendship even deeper, and maybe in the preteen years to come there will be a lot more sleep overs. 
Right now it's 10:35pm, and I've been up since 5:35am!  And whilst I would just love to curl up in bed to snooze the night away, I'm in the throws of a Barbie Movie Marathon!  Apparently eight year olds can pull an all nighter (or so they think!) watching Barbie at her heroic best, saving puppies, princes and fairy kingdoms all while wearing glittery pink and purple ball gowns and heels.  

So I'm going to pour myself a hot coffee, and curl up on the couch to soak in some of what it's like being eight again.


  1. This post is so full of fun! Really enjoyed reading it! Enjoy your night girlies xo

    PS. I have only a few memories at age 8 too, main one being Disney on Ice. I loved Beauty and the beast and got a poster signed.. Other than that my minds blank!

  2. Lovely post Nikki. I think 8 is the best age! Old enough to understand a lot of things yet still innocent in many ways to yucky stuff in the world. Lots of giggles for 8 year old girls. I remember having a whole classroom full of them! Give that 8 year old princess a cuddle for me. xo

  3. Thanks Mel. Glad you enjoyed the read. Actually I was thinking of you as I was typing it knowing you'd enjoy having something new to read lol. We took LittleBee to Disney on Ice when she was 4 or 5 I think. She was mesmerized!

    Steph ~ I remember you telling me that you love this age and it makes my heart a bit heavy thinking that you are missing all of these fun times with our LittleBee. I'll give her an extra big squeeze from Aunty Steph for sure xxoo


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