Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pic of the crop ~ 3rd Jan

I woke up early to head to the beach for a pre-breakfast swim. As it was an ideal shopping day we all walked to town for some summer window shopping while my baby sister napped in her pram. We stopped for an early lunch, and discussed what the rest if the day should hold for us.

I was very keen to head out to a dinosaur museum. I walked around, enjoying the exhibits and learning new things.

I was really eager to hit the beach as soon as possible though, so I pretty much spent the rest of the arvo with my Dadda chasing waves and learning to use the boogy board.

All too soon it was time to head back for a super speedy shower so we could enjoy and a nice dinner out. But I could barely keep my head up at the dinner table. I waited patiently for my dinner and when it came I ate it all up but can you believe that I refused dessert?

Dadda took me back to the hotel for a lie down and when Mumma came back too, she found me fast asleep. I managed to put my nighty on but fell asleep before I could even get under the covers!


  1. Awww sweet Leila, you are having so much fun! What great memories.

  2. She had a lot of fun for sure :)


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