Tuesday, February 7, 2012

first day of school ~ homeschool style

Monday 6th February, 2012 ~ first day of grade 3 for LittleBee

Sleep in til 8:30am!  Oops!

Swimming lessons with LadyBug start at 9am, so I frantically run around trying to find bathers etc, get myself and baby dressed in swim gear and fly out the door yelling instructions to LittleBee to start getting herself ready for the day too!

LittleBee probably has breakfast, gets dressed and makes bed etc interspersed with bouts of reading her library books... but to her credit she is all ready when we return home from swimming at 10am

At which time LadyBug and I eat breakfast while LittleBee starts her math work.

Normal household duties resume after breakfast... cleaning, showering, dressing the baby etc.  And LadyBug keeps on doing her math.

From my room I can hear LittleBee teaching LadyBug... "let's count the pens, ready... one, two, three" and LadyBug parrots in her jibberish.

I come out of my room now that I'm all showered and dressed to find the school room littered with toys, pencils and paper... and LadyBug "helping" LittleBee do her math!

Needless to say that the two allocated pages of math did take some time to get finished, but she got there eventually.  LittleBee was thrilled to be able to play some math computer games and then have lunch!

LadyBug goes off to bed after lunch at 1pm, leaving LittleBee (mainly) distraction free to do her handwriting exercises.  When that is all done, it's time to do a report on a trip she took with her grandparents over the school holidays to Werribee Open range Zoo.  That means sitting at the table writing down her plan, and getting on the computer to put it all together.

3:30pm, report is completed.

4:00pm we are sitting in a booth at Cones N Candy enjoying ice creams and some fun family time together.

Welcome to homeschool 2012!


  1. LOL Great first day !

    Keep smiling Nikki !

    Hey have you heard about the Not Back to School Blog Hop ?

    This is the first post:


    Read about the blog hop here.


    Would love you to join in


    1. Thanks Chareen. That blog hop looks like a great idea. Will give me a nice excuse to have time to blog lol Thanks for the invite :)

    2. You are welcome Nikki.

      You might also enjoy this weekly meme:

      It's called The Homeschool Mothers Journal




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