Friday, February 17, 2012

little princess conversations

We're having some bed-time dilemmas at the moment with the littlest Girl. She's learned how to climb out of the portacot. I've taken the side off her other cot but that "bet" (bed) is just too fun. I'm typing this listening to her kick the walls from her new sleeping position in LittleBee's room. After fighting with her this afternoon, when it was time for a nap I took her into my bed.....

Me: "come on honey, it's time to lay down and have a nigh-nighs. You're a tired baby and you need a nap."

LadyBug: "nooooooo. I wan dancccce!".

Mumma won this one, even if it meant she fell asleep mid tantrum on my legs!

21 months old and dancing in her sleep?


LittleBee was frantically cleaning her room. We've been talking about this for a little while, and she decided that there was no time like the present to make space for her little sister to sleep in her room. While I'm lying on her bed entertaining LadyBug, I look up at LittleBee...

Me: "oh my you look so big up against your dolls!"

LittleBee: "gee Mum, what did you expect, I'm big now. I'm not a baby anymore! I'm practically as tall as you!"

8 years 5 months and not a baby anymore (apparently)

They're cheeky. They're growing up way to fast. But you gotta love them and their cheeky, girly ways.

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  1. awww Nikki. Hug your princesses for me. Bless you all HEAPS! love you loads xoXO


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