Monday, February 13, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop ~ Meet the Students

Our Worldwide Classroom

Joining in the Not Back to School Blog Hop.  This is my first real go at a blog hop.  I'm pretty excited to be able to share our homeschooling adventure, and also to see and share in how other remarkable families embrace education at home.

We're entering into our fourth year of homeschooling!  We loved the first two years of school.  ABC's and 123's were very fun to both teach and learn.  Now that our Oldest student is fluently reading, we have been diving into all sorts of literature, and having my own knowledge of a variety of subjects challenged.  I'm looking forward to seeing what we learn this year, and how our precious girls will grow.

In our little corner of the globe, in a little house nestled in a tree lined semi-rural street, you will find our "school".   And today, I'd like to introduce you to our very special students!

LittleBee ~ 8years 5 months
LittleBee, aged 8.  Favourite colour is purple.  Loves all things girly and sparkly!

This photo of our big girl was taken on our first day of 'school' last Monday.  She's sitting at the computer trying to concentrate on her math game.

LittleBee is in third grade this year.  She really enjoys doing Math and just loves reading.  She almost always has her head in a book.  LittleBee also loves doing art and science kind of projects, anything that she can do with her hands and create something is a favourite.  She loves dancing and singing and just being a fun 8 year old girl.

I asked her what her favourite thing about homeschooling is and she replied: "that would be math, oh and umm, that I get to go places on school days and I get to see my family everyday."

LadyBug ~ 1year 9 months

LadyBug, 21months old.  Loves play dough, eating biscuits and dancing.

LadyBug is adventurous and outgoing to say the least.  She seems intent on filling every moment of her day with fun and mischief.  So far her favourite part of being involved in our home school family is climbing into LittleBee's lap while she is trying to read, write, type, draw, colour, research, or well just about anything that she is trying to do for school.

Welcome to our school!


  1. clapping hands. Excellent post :) Love your family photo's and introduction.

    I am busy working on my post for this week and should have it up by thursday.

    Gorgeous :) So glad you joined in :)

  2. Thanks ladies. It's hard not to want to share these adorable little princesses :)


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