Saturday, February 11, 2012

an ordinary saturday morning at our place

LittleBee quietly tiptoes into our room.  Though it is still dark it feels like it's only 5am, but there is a slight opening in the curtains allowing the morning sun to peak through.  Thankfully it's not 5am.  The clock announces it is a little after 7am!  And it's Saturday!

LittleBee heads straight for LadyBug's cot, where it seems that she is standing, silently, watching her big sister to see if she will come to her rescue.  LittleBee lifts her little sister out of her bed, and plonks her straight on to my bladder!

"Good morning"

 "mawnin"  LadyBug parrots her sister.

It must be time to get up.  Sigh.  FatherBear groans and rolls over to avoid the mischief and mayhem two energetic little bodies bring to the morning bed.

Mumma is up... the cat knows it.  He's crying for food.

Mumma is up... now the dog knows it.  He's scratching to get outside.

And as I snuggle into the couch with a hot coffee, the Girls find me out!  I can hear them coming through the house... "let's find Mumma."  Giggle, giggle, giggle.

We sit and watch Jakers, and Shaun the Sheep, before I declare the words which make the Girls squeal with delight...


Saturday mornings have been declared pancake day by LittleBee.  I'm sure if it was up to the girls we would have pancakes EVERY day, but I managed to talk them into one day a week.  I love making them for breaky.  I have found a wonderful recipe from VeganYumYum (click here for original recipe) which accommodates LadyBug's egg and dairy intolerances.  And it is amazing.  I don't use spelt flour, unless I have it on hand.  And today I used self raising flour because that's what I had too.  They turned out very fluffy, just the way we like them!

While the griddle is searing hot, and I ladle the batter carefully, once then twice, I have a quick thought come over me... where is LadyBug and why is she so quiet?  I know that LittleBee is busy setting the table, although she races past me once or twice to do other, more fun things.  I glance behind me to find our little princess perched tiptoed on a little step, hands deep into the warm dish water trying her hardest to mimic what she sees me do countless times a day!

The table is set and the pancakes are consumed.  One more thing to finish off our perfect breakfast.... hot tea!

The rest of the morning flies by.  We clean up.  We brush our teeth and hair and get dressed for the day.  There is swimming, and shopping, and before we know it, the morning is over, and the rest of the day lays in wait.

I'm sure that LittleBee is already counting down the days until Pancake day is here again.... 7 more sleeps!

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