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Sitting down and looking at the "plans" for this year has been a little daunting.  For the past three years we have enjoyed using bjupress home schooling curriculum.  They have an excellent program available, of which we generally use the Math, English, Reading, Spelling, Bible and Science lessons.  It is really colourful and fun for LittleBee and very easy to follow for me, either as I teach straight from the book or use as a platform for our lesson times.

We are waiting to order our curriculum for this year, and as it does come from overseas it costs just that little bit extra.  In the meanwhile though, I have been able to get together a few resources for Math and English skills from Pascal Press.  She has started the Year 4 math book, and Year 3 Handwriting book, as well as a Spelling and Vocabulary book.

These, along with her reading (I think the librarians know her by name now as she has already borrowed and read 7 books this term!) social (weekly outings with other homeschool friends) and sporting activities (gymnastics and swimming) and arts/crafts/home stuff will be enough to keep her busy while we wait for the new curriculum.  (The amount of times I have misspelled curriculum already in this post is astonishing!  I will definitely have it down pat by the end of the post!)

But that's just for now!  As I sat down to think about all the wonderful possibilities ahead for us this year, my head was swimming with ideas.  There is so much that I want to be able to teach LittleBee and so much that I want to experience together with her this year.  I think we are heading in to a very interesting age with LittleBee being 8 and a half too and as eager as she is to learn, I want to be as eager (if not more) to give her all the knowledge that I can.  Here are some of my thoughts on what we might cover this year:

  • Australian History:  I would really love to teach LittleBee all about our country.  We have family in Dunolly, which is in the heart of goldfield country, so I am hoping to do a tour of the region and get a good feel for what life was like here during the Gold Rush.  I want her to learn all about Settlement, the Aborigines and our origins.
  • Sustainable Living:  I have a friend who teaches Sustainable Living to 3rd and 4th graders, and when I found out that it involved keeping chooks and a veggie patch, I got very excited and started dreaming of my very own Sustainable Living program.  We are renting, so we are limited somewhat to what we can grow.  We already have a small patch of land I am trying to get a pumpkin plant to invade, and a number of herb/fruit yielding pots that scatter our yard.  The chooks will be a bit of a bigger issue!  We have a large block here, space therefore is not an issue, just as long as our landlord agrees to us making a few adjustments out back.
  • Arts/Technology: Little Bee has a love of anything that I am doing, so this year I thought it would be a great time to teach her how to sew.  I've asked a friend of hers to join in with us, and starting in Term 2 I will be teaching them sewing basic projects such as tote bags, aprons and simple dresses, and then work up to doing a quilting project.

    I have a photography program that we will get started on in Term 3, which will teach her how to get the most of her camera, and also how to edit the photos on the computer.  We are going to be incorporating both arts and computer skills into her report writing and creative writing throughout the year too, and hopefully start making some of her own films with the photos she takes.
  • Language: This one I am very excited about.  MrDadda has Indonesian heritage, and I have always wanted for us to learn Bahasa.  We will use the Indonesian this online program along with Languages online and these funky flashcards.  LittleBee's Pappa (MrDadda's daddy) will hopefully be on hand this year to assist in our language development too.  I am hoping to have lessons once a week using these resources, and of course it will mean a number of trips to Indonesian restaurants to learn more about (indulge ourselves in...) Indonesian cuisine.

Phew... I'm excited!  And I know that LittleBee is excited too.  Now to place our curriculum order (spelled it right the first time! yay for me) and get ready for a wonderful year ahead.


  1. LoL .. spellcheck, one of the better inventions ever don't you think?? ;)

    Your year sounds really exciting! Particularly the Indonesian program you're planning :D How cool to have family members that can help!

  2. This all sound fantastic. Well done YOU for looking at homeschooling with creativity and joy! Have a wonderful year. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures, your projects and seeing some great photos of what you've been making and doing. Happy learning! love you xoXO

  3. Caz ~ Thanks for your comment, and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! Oh yes, where would we be without spell checker. I was really making an effort to spell curriculum out in my head while I was typing too lol

    Steph ~ Thanks honey. I appreciate your encouragement, and you know we'll be sharing all of our adventures with you dear friend xo

  4. Ah Aust History, my favourite:)

  5. and then you ended up doing Auslan!!! Yayyyy for Leila and yayyyy for me!!!


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