Tuesday, February 7, 2012

playground adventures

The summer school holidays were mere days from being over, and the weather had been mighty warm in the week prior.  We had been spending a lot of hours indoors at home, waiting for the piercing sun to start it's decent into evening before being able to head outside for playtime.  On this day though, it was perfect!  Crisp blue skies, dotted with streaks of perfect white clouds.  A perfect day for a trip to the local playground with friends to see what sort of mischief we could get up to.  

We found ourselves staying with our friends, helping out and having fun.  Sadly, my friend needed to spend the day at work preparing for the new school year, but I was (gladly) able to accompany two of her gorgeous kids to the park for some adventure in the sun!  *nb Master K was with us during this trip to the playground, but he spent the whole time we were there on his scooter... and he is just too fast for me to photograph him!

Let the adventures begin...

LadyBug just loves a good playground.  She is quite the adventurous toddler, racing from one thing to the next.  If she's not trying to climb up the steepest slide, she's standing on the seesaw!  
Can I go on that one now, please?

LittleBee and Miss A really enjoy taking LadyBug around the playground, especially when it came to the double slide.  I had a split second to take this photo before LadyBug lead the way down the slide!  The two older girls took time out of their busy play schedule to teach LadyBug how to use the water fountain, and as you can see, she was mesmerised!

ready... set... 

A lesson learned the hard way:  don't walk under the swing when your big sister is in mid swing.  She won't see you and you will end up being knocked over and bump your head on the ground.  Thankfully it was just a surface graze and had healed quickly.

Do you think all that playing has exhausted them and they need to literally carry each other home?  Nah, they are just two gorgeous best friends, who love spending time together.
best friends forever


  1. thanks Mel, I love it too. They are gorgeous girls and just love each other to bits!


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