Tuesday, February 28, 2012

she speaks!!!

and of course, we all listen right?

Because if we don't, she just gets louder.  And louder.  AND LOUDER!

And then she bites!  Which is a sure fired way to get anyone's attention I can assure you.

This tiny little LadyBug... soon to be our 2 year old, no longer a baby, LadyBug has started stringing some three word sentences together.

I asked her if she wanted breakfast, and she replied "beech peeze" translated Yes, please.  She climbs up into her big girl chair at the dining table and I head into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for her.

Toast? "No"  Cereal?  "No".  And then she said it...

"Milk peeze Mumma"

Three words, strung together to form a perfect sentence.  And then repeated a number of times, increasing in volume because apparently you have to say it over and over again to get any kind of service around here!!

And again later, when LadyBug was getting her puzzle all put together, she places the last sheep piece in place and says "Baaaaa.  Did it!"

Just like that.

And you just watch, now we won't be able to get her to stop talking!


  1. Such a beautiful part of development. Looking forward to hearing it for myself.. :) xx


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