Saturday, March 31, 2012

a day at the sewing machine

It's not very often that I get to sit at the sewing machine and have some creative time.  The last time I was creative was just before Christmas, when I went nuts making gifts for all the little people in my life.  That was very fun and incredibly rewarding, but after all the gifts were handed out, I certainly needed a rest from all the needles, fabric and patterns.

I think I've waited too long though.  A few weeks ago I was able to take up some pants for a friend's little boy and it made me realise how much I had missed it.  I missed the hum of the machine and the jolting of the table as the stitches are made and fun things are created.

So... last weekend I determined to spend Saturday having Mumma Time!  These times are few and far between for me, as I just don't take the time out to be me, and do things for me!  And after having a wonderful time creating last weekend, I know that I need to do more of it.

First up was a little "Lolly" doll.  I spied these cute little dolls at a market, and purchased one each for our girls.  Unfortunately LadyBug's little doll, "Lolly" was lost on one of our adventurous walks into town.  So I set out to make a replacement for her.  I think she turned out really cute!  LadyBug needs a bit more convincing though, as she has her "Bubba" which is her favourite right now!

coming together

tada... a new friend to play with

Next up was a skirt for LittleBee.  I wasn't sure how this fabric will go with her, as up until recently she has been a pink and sparkle girl.  But she really loved it and was excited to see the skirt come together.  It was a simple A-frame style skirt, with casing at the top for elastic, and a standard hem.  It was very quick and easy to get from the cutting out to constructed stage.  LittleBee chose the lace to go along the bottom, which tied in really well with the antique feel of the fabric.  

modelling her new skirt

The little motif which features on the skirt is simple to put together too.  I took a piece of brown felt and cut it into a leaf shape, then added some lace to tie in with the featured hem.  I cut out a few felt circles and stitched into the skirt to keep them there, and topped with a button.  Easy!

the motif

The good thing is that these were really easy projects, and I could get them both made in the one sitting.    Which means that I have already been asked to make a few more skirts for LittleBee with skirts being her favourite wardrobe item!  My kitchen looked worse for wear when I was done though, with no dishes being washed throughout the day.  I should have taken a photo of that *grin*.

I'm already looking forward to what other fun things I can make and create in more Mumma Times come!  


  1. Awesome Nic, love the skirt :) It's beautiful! Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Naw, thanks Mel. Thank you for being so encouraging xo


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