Friday, March 23, 2012

funky fungi

Nestled in a neglected corner of our yard, near the garden shed and abandoned cubby? house, there lies a dead log.  You can barely see it through the knee length grass, and other large weeds and plants that are growing up around it.  It's a quaint little corner of our yard and it seems that a lot more goes on there than what meets the eye.  

A few weeks ago, our eyes caught a glimpse of a bright orange growth on the log.  LittleBee and I were quite intrigued and set out to grab us some of this funky fungi to find out exactly what it might be.

a resourceful way of getting the fungi off the log

Got it!

We did a little research online but didn't come up with anything substantial, other than it was in fact orange, and fungi!  I know this doesn't happen very often these days with the advancement of technology, but we actually had to head into the library to find a book!  It was a great experience really, using the library catalogue system, and then finding the book on the shelf.  We came home with a little book titled "A Field Companion to Australian Fungi" by Bruce Fuhrer, printed in 1985!  What really surprised me was LittleBee's enthusiasm and excitement when she found a picture of the fungi that we had growing in our yard...  Tramates cinnabarinus!

So our garden adventure took us to the library and in to a new world of discovery.

(LittleBee is working on her own report now... report writing is not the exciting part of the journey, but using the computer to type it out is proving to be almost as fun as the discovery itself!)

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