Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bagels, bagels everywhere!

I'm sitting here in a dimly lit corner of the lounge room.  My beautiful little LadyBug was showing me where my eyes were yesterday and poked me square in the right eye, at point blank range.  It's pretty sore, and I'm looking forward to sleeping the pain away, but I had to share our little Pesach Preparation adventure today.

This week is when Passover, or Pesach is observed.  Jewish people all over the world will stop and remember what God did for the Hebrews in the times when they were slaves in Egypt.  He showed His might and power and set them free from their oppression.  It is their "Easter" story.  We are really interested in learning about this special holiday too.  We see it as a time for us to learn what the Jewish tradition is, and how it points to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  We decided to head out to Melbourne today to see what we can gather for our own Pesach celebration.

We took a drive into Elsternwick today, knowing the town is influenced by a rich Jewish presence.  Driving down Glen Huntly Road and looking out over all the shops with distinctive Jewish names, like" Szwarcbard", "Goldberg" and "Abrahams" you know that you are in an unique part of Melbourne.

Walking down the main street though, and one thing becomes very clear... there are a lot of bagels in this place!  We spied a bagel bakery sitting in the middle of a row of shops and ran in there as fast as we could (we all have a soft spot for bagels!)  On coming out of this bakery, fresh bagel in hand, we spied another store.  A much bigger one!  Bagelicious.  It was kind of like a Warner Bros moment when you see something you really delicious and your eyes pop out of your head and your jaw drops to the ground with your togue rolling out at the same time!  I stood amazed for a second, and decided that once our first bagels had been digested we just had to visit this one.  We did pop in for a coffee and cake, after some shopping time,  And wouldn't you know it, wondering around the street a bit more we discovered at least three more bagel-eateries for the tasting!  The town is like a bagel heaven to say the least.

not a bagel, but a pretty delicious coffee and crumble from Bagelicious

Shop after shop displayed Passover trading hours along side the traditional Easter hours.   The Coles store announcing their kosher seafood will be in store by Thursday. This home-wares store advertising that they can help you get ready for passover.


It really fascinated me.  Probably because we don't ever see anything like this anywhere near where I live.  Sort of in the same way as it would be intriguing to sit at a dinner table with an person from an interesting country or background and listen to them tell tales of their homeland.  We are really interested in the Passover, and what it teaches us about Jesus, and to see the passover preparations as a way of everyday life was really interesting to us. 

Aside from the bagels, and the promise of more bagels next time we visit, the op shops and book store took our fancy.  We were able to pick up some pretty candle holders and quite a number of books on Jewish celebrations.  This one though, has to be my favourite!  One that I really want to sink my teeth into (pun intended, groan!)

The preparation for Pesach has begun in this non-Jewish, Jesus loving house.  The wonder and tradition of the holiday will be richly intriguing I know, and it is something that we are looking forward to celebrating together.

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