Monday, April 23, 2012

a bit of a manic monday

It's early.  I'm up, and really I should be getting the preliminary stuff done for the day before everyone else is awake, but I spend 20 minutes catching up on my blogging friends, thinking through some changes for my own blog, posts I could write etc.  I hear her first piercing cry and know that Dadda is there and will take care of her, and she should fall back to sleep.  Another 15 minutes pass and she's not crying now, but calling out my name.  She's awake, and I am dragged out of my blogosphere and thrust into the reality of my home, with more than one early morning riser.

We are all awake now, and one by one as their feet hit the carpet, the house begins to buzz with the sounds of morning.

And then it begins.

"I need help with my breakfast"

"nappy"... do you want to go toilet? "noooooooooo"

"woof woof"

"My porridge overflowed in the microwave"

"The baby is eating my bun"


"why do I have to get ready for school now when it doesn't start until 9am?"

One is running late for work...

One is wanting for it to really be Saturday so she can watch tv all morning...

The little one is pouring black pepper into her breakfast bowl.  Not sprinkling, pouring.

One is barking for outside, inside, breakfast, outside, inside, water...

One is meowing up a storm just to get my attention... and for no apparent reason.

And while I type this I have a hot cup of coffee in my favourite mug (oh the blessing!) and I intend on sitting here at the table until it is finished (wishful thinking?).  LadyBug has climbed up on to the table now and is eating my breakfast, which is obviously more delicious than the pear she just screamed the house down for!

Is it called "manic monday" because everything seems so much more dramatic when it happens on a Monday?

I think it's going to be the perfect day to look out for the blessings...

Like just having some of that yummy coffee (still hot mind you) spill on my lap and not on the laptop!  That's a great place to start.

This "in the moment" post should be brought to you by some famous coffee company... because I already have a feeling I am going to need a bucket load of it today!


  1. Ha sounds like my kind of place, never a dull moment.

  2. Just another manic monday tune was in my head while reading.. Maybe if littlebug was having my kinda breakfast (eggs on toast) pepper would go a treat :) Good morning B...... Family :) Hope ya'll have a great week!!


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