Friday, April 20, 2012

"she's just like you!"

He stands in the kitchen doorway while we have a discussion.  One leg in the room, indicating that he is intent on having this conversation, the other already pointed the other way with the many other duties beckoning him back to his office.  As I'm busily preparing lunch, I pose a question to him, turn my head in readiness for his reply and he has already left.  LittleBee is sitting at the table watching this unfold.  I guess it bothered her that he didn't answer me, as she says "He didn't answer you Mumma."  "Oh that's ok, Dadda's busy." I reply.  I continue the lunch prep and out of the corner of my eye I see her trot off to her Dad's office, which isn't too far away from the kitchen for me to hear her say to her father... "You didn't answer Mum's question.  You just walked away.  That's rude Dadda!"  

"She's just like you, you know!"

~ she's just like me? ~

I find it quite interesting to look upon a new little baby and try to work out who this tiny creature resembles.  Does he have his Daddy's eyes or his Mother's sweet nose?  Will she be taller, like him, or have her bellowing golden locks?

When LittleBee was born, she looked like my side of the family.  She had fair hair, fair skin, and was a round little bundle of love.  Everyone said "oh my, she's just like her mother".  Whilst people would 'ooh' and 'aah' at our pink babe, I questioned which of my features she actually had.  One day, when the opportunity arose I found a picture of Hubby when he was a new born.... and wouldn't you know it, but this pink little child was almost the spitting image of her father when he was the same age.  Same round face.  Same full cheeks.  Same button nose.  Same butt chin.  Just like him.

Dadda... a loooong time ago!

LittleBee ~ 2 weeks old

When our Oliver was born, we didn't have the same opportunity to 'ooh' and 'aah' over him like we would have loved too.  Given anything too.  But in the short time we had Oliver with us, we were able to touch his soft dark hair, stroke his olive skin and just wonder if he indeed would be the reflection of his father.  Just like him.

Then along came LadyBug.  Our rainbow baby.   "Oh my, she's just like her daddy" they say.  A mass of soft dark hair.  A sweet round face.  Dark eyes.  Button nose.  Butt chin.  Olive complexion.  Just like her Daddy.

LadyBug ~ 4 weeks old

Or are those big eyes and sweet smile just like mine?

Guess who?
LadyBug about 18 months

~ she's just like me? ~

"wah wah wah"  LadyBug is holding on to her little doll "Bubba" around the neck, while making the sounds for him.  I spy her through the reflection of the en suite mirror.  She is carrying “Bubba” quite precariously, but then with such gentleness and love, she places him on the pillow on my bedroom floor.  “wah wah wah” she speaks on his behalf again and soothingly pats his little stuffed belly.  “Shhh.  Stay” she whispers to him sweetly and the assures her little Bubba “I be back”.

~ she's just like me! ~

More than their appearances, the shape of their nose or the colour of their eyes.  More than the shade of their hair or how tall they'll be... These precious pink things that run around our feet are reflections of us.  The way I speak, she speaks.  The way I comfort, she in turn comforts.  They are my mirrors, my shadows.  Always lurking behind me, soaking up every word and action... yes, the good and the bad, and then parrotting them, whether I like it or not.  

And every day I am reminded of the importance of making sure my reflection is what I want them to be displaying.  It's an ongoing 'battle' of sorts... fighting the natural desire to retaliate, to lose my temper, to yell or sulk, and instead, to try to find those better qualities within me.  

We all want our children to be beautiful.  You have to admit that most babies are adorable, and toddlers can be pretty darn cute when they want to be.  We want our sons to be handsome, and our daughters to be beautiful.  But there is more to these little people than that, and we should want more than mere appearances.  

I want my girls to be better than me, kinder than me, more loving and gentler... but for them to do that, I need to do that first!  

A lesson in motherhood today, check my reflection before my 'reflections' check me!


  1. Wonderful post so very true!!!! I am blessed to get this reminder today :)

    1. Thanks Tesha :) It amazes me that my girls can be so much like me and so much not like me at the same time, and all the while I have the job of moulding them to be so much more like Jesus!

  2. As you shine forth Christ your beautiful girls will see that. You are such a wonderful Mumma. You are a dear friend and I hope your girls will indeed be like you b/c you are just lovely. I loved this post.
    Big hugs and lots of love xoXO

  3. Found you blog on Tesha's blog and wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your son, Olive. He is truly beautiful. I lost my son to SIDS when he was 4 months in August of 2010.

    This was a great post, very true!


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