Monday, April 16, 2012

welcome back school

Our homeschool routine has been welcomed back quite enthusiastically by LittleBee.  She has happily spent the morning reading spelling words, creating sentences and working through her grammer work.  Right now, if I look over my shoulder, I can see her immersing herself into her math work.  She's completed her two page revision of last terms work (quite effortlessly if I may say).  Today's math problems include chance experiments, graphing and evaluation.

The start of a new term is always daunting for me.  I worry that I haven't done enough preparation, because usually I haven't had the time throughout the holidays to dedicate to lesson planning etc.  I fret about making sure we are reaching all of the education standards required but the government.  I get concerned that I might be stifling LittleBee's education rather than enhancing it.  But that usually only lasts one day... then I am gently reminded just by watching her learn, discover and create, that we are doing ok.

I have a few ideas of things that we might achieve this term... a look into local history, an environmental study, sewing and finally starting on our little garden patch out the back.  LittleBee will be starting an Auslan course this term too which is very exciting.  Now I just need to gather my motivation to make all of these wonderful ideas a reality for our little school and our wonderful Pupil!

Here's to Term 2!


  1. Hi Nikki I am so happy you linked up. I am sorry about your Oliver, I know it is very hard. It is so nice to fellowship with other mommies. I love homeschooling also, it is so wonderful and overwhelming especially in times of grief. I am going to do some reading on Oliver :) Hugs sweet mommy.

    1. Thank you for visiting, and for your openness to share your journey on your own blog. From what I've read of your journey, you are just so open and honest and inviting for other mums who have walked similar roads, or face similar pain. I'm really cherishing these days I have home with my girls, just want to soak in as much of them as I can.

  2. Visiting from Tesha's link up.
    I agree with Tesha it is nice to fellowship with other mother's.(((hugs)))

    1. Thank you for visiting Trennia. I appreciate your comment too. I know it's wonderful to have 'friends' who we can get to know out of the hardest times in our lives. I'm going to be visiting your blog soon so I can meet you too xo


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