Thursday, June 14, 2012

toilet toilet toilet

These are the cries coming from the LadyBug at random times during the day.  "Toilet, toilet, toilet"  often with increased urgency, sometimes preceded by the removal of her clothes.  And sometimes followed by "Run Run Run"... a new phrase which I can take credit for, seeing that when she starts her Toilet Dance, I procede to start the Toilet Run!

If you haven't already guessed, we are in the throws of teaching our little Miss 2 how to use the toilet.  LadyBug has been wanting to sit on the toilet since she could walk really.  Recently she has been showing a lot more interest in the whole toiletting gig, and oh boy what an adventure we have walked in to!

Here's a recap of our journey so far:

Day 1 ~ I thought that it might be really exciting to so straight into knickers.  I mean, every kid wants to be grown up right?  Um, ok, so not every kid!  LadyBug says "No knickers!".  But I discovered that I can use the outer part of our pocket nappies as little pants, which she has termed "short-shorts".  Cute little name hey.  The only downside is that they leak terribly.  So by the time we had about 3 changes of pants, I figured out that they needed a little boost, so I added a piece of polar fleece which I had used as liners once upon a time.  That little bit of extra material turned out to be perfect.  Win for the Day: Money saved by reusing what we already have, and lesson learned for Mumma.

Day 2 ~ She was able to wear the same pair of track pants all day!  We did go through numerous short-shorts though.  Win for the Day: she ran to the toilet every time she wet!  Now to figure out if she is wetting before or after she does her "toilet" rant!

Day 3 ~ 2, possibly 3 successful wee's on the toilet, and 2 very happy Mumma dances!  Yes.  Definitely the win for the day.

So here we are, three days in and a few little steps in the right direction.  I am surrounded by washing, and a barrage of unfinished "things" as at any moment the LadyBug will shrill her toilet rant and it's a race to the potty to see what successes we can achieve.  I need to constantly remind myself that these things don't just click overnight, that she will eventually learn how to do all of this by herself and she won't always need the Night Garden to entice her to sit on the toilet!  This is a fun (did I really say fun?) stage in her development, and still I am hoping that with her eagerness and her awareness that this little adventure will not be as arduous as it sometimes can be.

So if I go missing for a while, I'm probably sitting on the bathroom floor singing crazy made up wee wee songs to entice a little wee wee to come out, come out wee wee, wee wee want to see you.....


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