Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a summer cold

I'm sick.

My little LadyBug lovingly shared her cold this week.  And only with me.  Gee, aren't I lucky!  I'm usually the only one NOT to get an illness when it spreads around the family.  I'm the one left standing to take charge and play nurse.

My ears are blocked, and my throat is filled with razors.

I can barely hear, and speaking isn't really worthwhile, as it hurts too much to make any audible sounds.

The silence around me and from me is frustrating to me... but perhaps not so frustrating to others.

I'm learning how to communicate using basic sign-language, which is great for LittleBee as she studied Auslan last year, and now has an opportunity to practice.

I've taken up knitting again.

I'm already bored of daytime television, and it's only been one day.

I have no desires to do anything other than snuggle on the couch and sip hot tea with honey.  Hubby is teaching LittleBee how to cook eggs.  LadyBug is playing nicely and eating toast too.  This I can get used to.

We've got a big day here Wednesday... LittleBee is heading off to school. More about this later.  But for now, I'll crawl back under my blankie, and hope this cold passes quickly.

my new friends

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  1. Oh bummer I am so sorry your under the weather. Saying a prayer for your complete and quick recovery!


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