Sunday, January 6, 2013

kids in the kitchen

She was bored.  She seems to be bored a lot of the time, and as I recall, it is a part of being 9 (really nearly 10).  Being bored on the school holidays comes with the territory right?  So she decided to bake.  And (am I crazy?) I let her have reign of the kitchen.

Together with her little sister, they set out to bake shortbread biscuits.  With a little assistance for the hard jobs, you know like working the Thermomix, they've done pretty well for themselves.  Fetching the ingredients, reading the recipe through, turning on the oven.  To her credit, Miss 9-reallynearly10 has taken charge gracefully, allowing her little sister to get her hands dirty and together they have made some fun.

There's been a lot of discussion while the little women have been trying to weave their culinary magic...

"Stop eating the dough little Miss or there wont be enough to eat later."

"No, you can't paint them until they are cooked."

"Oh, how am I going to control you."

"You put it in a ball then you squash it."

"Make a little one for me."

"Please I mix it?"

"Mum, can you fix this please?"

"I finish now" (takes off apron) "Oh, nooooo, I want to wear it"

They've mixed all the food colouring into the frosting, and it's a delightful? shade of green.  I think you would call it green.  A little bit like bird poop, but I promise it's edible.  

I really don't think these two will be ready for dinner tonight, with all the sampling they have done along the way.  

And the finished product???

all decorated and ready for eating

They look, um, different.  They taste very sweet, and are oddly moorish.  All that sugary goodness is surely tempting, no matter what colour it is.  So if you happen to swing by for a cuppa over the next few days, you may be offered a couple of these with your coffee... please don't let that stop you from visiting!

There you have it... the kids in the kitchen, creating sugary fun and messy memories (yes, Mumma had to clean up!)


  1. at least the TMX cleans itself, just wish we WERE planning to "polly"!


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