Saturday, January 5, 2013

numbers numbers numbers

I'm hot, sleep deprived, in need of a whole lot of coffee and down time today... along with a whole lot of other mothers this morning I am sure.  As I sit and try to recoupe enough energy to hang the washing up and do the countless other chores that are beckoning me today, these numbers swirl around in my mind...

degrees at 2am 

minutes of sleep I had last night, or rather at 4:00 this morning, when the temperature finally dipped below 30 degrees! 

cups of coffee is all I've had this morning... but hopefully there are lots more to come. 

sweet but grumpy girls at my feet, playing together intermittently, and inadvertently reminding me that it's been 70 long days since we said goodbye to Noah... 

of Les Miserables viewing in store for me and my brother this afternoon 

... and one tired Mumma, who is very thankful for good coffee, movie dates, cool breezes and girly giggles to get her through what could otherwise be a very rough day! 


  1. Movie dates with brothers are great! I had one with my brother on Thurs - we saw Skyfall (my choice).

    1. That's cool Beth. How was Skyfall? fyi Les Mis was incredible! :D


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