Saturday, March 30, 2013

little things that help bring sunshine

Through the tears, the heaviness, and the sadness of the day little things were there to try and make the day a little more happy...

to show love...

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to bring joy...

yellow tulips, a gift of sunshine

The first little thing came in the mail a few days ago.  I card addressed to my "Master O".  Just the sight of his name took my breath away.  I held it close to my heart, and tried to soak in the moment that would have been normally such a joyful occasion.  Kids just love getting mail addressed to them and I know Oliver would have squealed with delight at the sight of his very own envelope.  The back of the letter said "to be opened on 29/03 so the letter sat unopened on my dresser until yesterday.  Inside was a beautiful card, just for Oliver, wishing him a happy birthday.  A treasure from a dear friend, who is missing her own angel boy today too.

Last night our beautiful friends made a little birthday celebration come to life with special chocolate cupcakes.  We sang a song, shed a tear (or 100) and shared a moment together to remember the 4 short hours we had with Oliver, seven years ago...

Little things, given from huge hearts overflowing with love for our family, to remember a small baby and his little life.

blowing out the candle for their brother

Happy birthday Oliver


  1. SO happy you are feeling loved during this difficult time Praying for you still!!!

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    Have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!

    1. Thank you for your prayers Tesha, I really appreciate you. I've rejoined your site too... strange things were happening there, but it looks like you've got it sorted out?


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