Saturday, April 6, 2013

collage of easter-ness

The colour.  The food.  The chocolate.  The smiles and the laughs.  This is a snapshot of Easter 2013 at our place.  Now, I'll admit to being trigger happy at the best of times (photographically speaking), but it was so hard not to take hundreds of pictures (yes, literally!)... so in order to share as much here as possible, I've made a little collection of collages showcasing our fun Easter weekend.

This Easter we were able to participate in a new tradition... one which I remember taking part in when I was a little girl... the Easter Hat Parade.  LittleBee started going to public school this year, and with that comes new and exciting times to share with her new and interesting friends.  As this was our first ever Easter Hat Parade, I admit that I was a little stumped as to what we were supposed to do.  Memories of walking to school as a little girl with an ice cream container decorated with cotton balls to look like a bunny flooded my memory, and I just couldn't bring myself to do the same (not for our first parade anyway!)  So the girls and I hit the local op shops to gather our supplies, and we created some fun and pretty little bonnets.

Here's LittleBee sporting her pink cowboy easter hat, brimming with purple straw, coloured eggs and a gorgeous yellow glittery butterfly.  At the back she was a big purple polkadot bow with long tails to finish the look.

Little siblings were invited to join in the Easter Hat making fun, so we wasted no time in creating LadyBug's sweet little Easter ensemble.  She was so cute, she even took home the "most creative preschooler hat" award.  Who could resist this little charmer anyway!

Good Friday morning was spent serving hot breaky to some locals down near where we meet on a Sunday morning.  It was a crisp morning, but we managed to coax a few people from their warm homes to join us for a delicious bbq breakfast and a time of remembering what our Saviour accomplished for us on the Cross.

Sunday morning came around very quickly, and it was so much fun surprising the girls with some cute Easter treats.  LadyBug is still dairy intolerant, which makes easter treats a little trickier.  This year I found some gorgeous egg cups for the girls, and look... one is a Bee and one is a Bug!  Cute right? They got some new pj's and other fun things too.

Church Sunday morning was a real blessing, being with people who love God and just spending time honouring Him and His gift of salvation to all mankind.  There were lots of yummy treats, including hot cross buns (which I sheepishly admit to eating far more than I ought to).

Which of course leads to the fun part... the Annual Easter Egg hunt.  A time honoured tradition for us, dating back, oh at least 7 years.  This year we headed to Bibbi's house, and made use of her gloriously huge backyard, on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny afternoon.  With 5 hunters and 1 "almost up to hunting" we had a lot of treats to find.  Chocolate bunnies, eggs large and small, starburst lollies, little fluffy chicks, and one elusive Bibly were all hiding out in the trees and grass for the finding.

And now we have a few bags of easter treats hidden in the pantry, which cry out to me every day just begging to be eaten.  Hidden again, yes, because if they are not hidden, they end up being devoured all too quickly!

The thing about Easter is tradition really.  You might go to church, have family meals, maybe not eat meat on Good Friday, or do a fast of some type for Lent.  For us, it's about remembering... remembering what Jesus did... remembering what we have because of God's grace and mercy toward us... and for making new memories for our little family to last a life time.


  1. Oh it looks like a wonderful time. I LOVE the hats:)!

  2. So good to see Az stuffing his face lol... your girls will never forget their Easter hats, how exciting!

  3. What a precious day of Salvation come to us through Jesus!


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