Wednesday, April 17, 2013

rainbow brownies... oh yeah!

Picture this... we head out to the grocery store to pick up a *few* ingredients needed to complete our dishes for the evening meal.  It's around morning tea time, last day of school holidays.  I have about a thousands things to do today, and my mind is all over the place, and I'm really wanting to just get in, get out and get home again to resume cooking.  I have MrDadda with me too, so when LadyBug starts declaring "I don't need a trolley, I can take a basket" I think to myself that this could me fun.  I have extra arms to help drag her back to me if needed, so in the words of Crush (Finding Nemo) I decided "let's see what Squirt does flying solo".

What followed was a mixture of hilarity and pure entertainment, and a lot of proud mumma moments (which I am thankful for).  I had the trolley and a shopping list... the girls shared a basket, and miss LadyBug, who I'm certain thought she was really nearly 5 and not anywhere near only 2, took the liberty of filling the basket with her "shopping".

So what does a toddler want to shop for?  Or should I say, what is at a toddlers reach when shopping in a major supermaket?  The following items were either attempted to or actually made it into the basket:  bread, 1kg sausages, a whole chicken, a head of broccoli  lip balm, mens shaving gel, soy milk, a peri peri chicken roast bag mix, eggs (freak out station here ~ note to Coles, don't put fresh eggs at toddler level!) and a Betty Crocker Rainbow Brownie mix.  Whilst most of her items were promptly returned to their position on the shelves (the eggs survived the attack, phew!), I made a quick scan of the ingredients and I decided to keep the brownie mix for the girls to make that afternoon (surprisingly the only dairy was in the chocolate sprinkles)

Home again, home again, jiggety jig... and it's time to get some baking happening.  The kitchen was a complete mess already, with dirty dishes, my own cake in the oven, chicken thai balls in the making and a serious deadline looming... but the baking must go on!  And thanks to Betty Crocker for making it so easy to create something very yummy.  (this is not a paid endorsement, just sincere thanks from a mother with eager little chefs, and only one set of arms)

So how do you make Rainbow Brownies?  Check out our pictorial...

open the box
empty contents of brownie mix packet into a bowl

add eggs and oil

mix until combined

pour into a lined tray

sprinkle with rainbow chocolates

bake til gooey in the centre

allow to cool, then slice it up

and enjoy your creation

yum yum.. tee hee
We shared our rainbow goodness with the cousins and friends that evening. I'm assuming they went down a treat because there were none left when I went looking for a taste.

All in all, a happy shopping experience, a happy baking turnout, happy tummies, and happy memories!

This is my 100th post!  Yay!  To celebrate, I'm offering to send my kids to your place to bake these brownies in your kitchen, while I lounge back at my place, sipping a hot coffee and enjoying the silence.  Or maybe not...  Thanks for following my ramblings though.  I enjoy your comments and appreciate the visits I get here xxoo

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