Saturday, April 27, 2013

when life hands you a cardigan...

... you automatically think "that'll made a great cushion cover" right?

Ah, well, that's exactly what I did!  My sister-in-law came over one day after cleaning out her house, and with her she brought along this old cardigan and an almost matching jumper.  She knew I would find some creative use for them, seeing they were really not the style of clothing that either of us would wear (in public anyway!)  I instantly thought that the cardigan would make a gorgeous cuddly cushion cover.

daggy old cardigan

I'm the kind of person that has brilliant ideas, but has no idea how to actually make them come to fruition.  I search for ideas, and I make sure that they have a detailed tutorial attached, complete with pattern pieces already drawn out and ready for me to duplicate!  That's what I need to make projects happen.  So in my head this pretty cushion cover looked great, but I had no idea how to get it from cardigan to cover without losing what precious brain matter I have functioning at the moment.  

Along comes a dear friend who has a remarkable knack for all things pretty and creative (said friend can look at a cushion cover to see how the zip was put in, and then just turn around and duplicate it on her own project *sigh with envy*) and she got me started on the road to completion.  

Here's how it went (this is kind of like a tutorial, incase you're like me and you really want to make one for yourself!)...

  • I wanted to keep the look and feel of it being a cardigan, so we decided that the best idea would be to hand stitch (blind stitch) along the bottom hem, to keep the original hem in tact.  Stitch a small section behind the bottom button, closing it off yet allowing the remaining buttons to act as the cushion closure.
  • Cut the top half of the cardigan off at the underarms, turn inside out and trim the side seams.  
  • Whilst inside out, sew along the top seam.  Remember that the buttons are there to allow the cushion to be inserted, so now is a good time to undo a couple of the buttons in the middle for access later.

  • Next, sew along the side seams.  I used the "knit" stitch on my machine, and sewed each seam twice to give extra strength and stability.
  • Turn the right way out through the buttons.  Now it's ready for an insert...
  • This was an XL sized cardigan, and once cut down and re-sewn it measured at 15" square.  I took an old cushion insert that was 24" square and looking pretty flat.  I opened a seam on the insert, emptied the stuffing out, cut it down to 16", re sewed the seams and re-stuffed it with the original stuffing, making it nice and plump once again and just the right size for my new cover.

You know you're on to a good thing when it's being used already!

I really love projects like this, just using up things you already have.  I think it's called re-purposing?  So total cost for this project was $0.  All up it took about 30 minutes, and maybe 2 cups of tea.  And seeing that it's already being utilised is an added bonus.

Now... what can I make with the matching daggy jumper???


  1. That's a travesty! I just LOVE old cardis! LOL... good on you though it looks great. Make a bag out of the jumper. Sarah

    1. You've got my mind racing now Sarah... a bag? Really? I'll have to find a tutorial for that lol Unless you just want the jumper? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mel. It's so soft and comfy too :D

    2. I love the pockets! Really neat idea!!

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful idea and it turned out soooo cute!!

    1. Thanks Tesha. I'm really loving it in the loungeroom now :) The pockets are super hand for the tv remote or the mobile phone too!


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