Thursday, May 23, 2013

the night before

I used to love going to bed the night before my birthday. A wave of excitement and anticipation would wash over me as I tried to close my eyes and sleep. I remember  thinking... "tomorrow when I wake up and I'll be 13" (these days it's more like "tomorrow I'll wake up another year closer to 40!")

Although LadyBug has no idea really what the excitement is all about. She does know something's going on,and  vaguely knows it's her birthday. 

We've been busy getting ready for a little gathering of little friends we are hosting for her, and she's watched with anticipation and joy as we do that but I think to her it's just another day. All week I've been telling her that she can wear her party dress on Friday. And all week she's been asking to wear it... "Oh, isn't it Friday yet?"

Today we shopped and came home to decorate and pack little party boxes for her friends. I've hung some paper flowers, coloured pasta green for a craft and baked cupcakes. 

I'm exhausted but I'm going to bed tonight excited for the fun day I know LadyBug will have tomorrow. 

Tonight I carried my sleeping LadyBug to her bed for the last time as a two year old. Tomorrow when she wakes up she'll be three. 

And three is so big!

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