Tuesday, August 20, 2013

our first school camp (awwww)

6:24am, and I wake up a little frantic, thinking that it was really 8:24am and we missed the bus.  I rustle a very excited LittleBee from her pretend sleep... she'd obviously been restlessly awaiting the morning too.  For today, is Camp Day!

A wrap up a quick lunch for LittleBee to pack in her backpack for the day...

and off we go to school, hair dripping from her rushed shower, yoghurt in hand for breaky on the go.

Once at school, we throw the suitcase into the back of the school bus, and gather up her friends for a pre-camp picture (or three)

So the three friends can ensure they sit together on the bus, they hurry off and nab the back row!

And with an enthusiastic wave, she's on her way to her first ever school camp trip!  

It's only one night but it's so strange.  She's been away from home loads of times before, but this time is a little different.  It's a little more grown up.  And every day she's just growing up in front of our eyes.  Gaah!  Yesterday she said she was feeling nervous about camp.  Today she barely batted an eyelid all morning.  She's got her friends, and she's really thrilled.  I know she's going to have a fabulous time.  

And as a first time camp mumma, I think I will survive too!

See you tomorrow LittleBee!

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