Saturday, June 8, 2013

the ladybug and the caterpillar ~ an adventure in turning three

Turning three has to be one of the funnest of times.  It's a magical time really.  The little person is old enough now to anticipare the magic that birthdays bring.  And I love creating magical memories for my little ones on their special days, helping their little dreams become a reality.
As The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the ultimate favourite book of the moment, I ventured out to make it a bit of a caterpillar birthday adventure indeed.

The day started with a wake up call for LadyBug so we could shower her with gifts before the day began.  Daddy took a while to get in the birthday frame of mind, it was 8am after all!

early morning festivities, waking dad and enjoying gifts together

If I may say, this present was a highlight for me.  Inspired by a post at, I spent a few nights working on creating this Very Hungry Caterpillar travel felt board for LadyBug.  Planning and cutting out all the pieces to tell the story was a bit tiring, but it was a lot of fun too.  The travel board is backed with The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric.   It was certainly worth the effort to create.

By midmorning, we were ready to share morning tea with LadyBug's special friends.  We prepared the fruit from the five weekdays, poking holes in some of them to make it look like they were caterpillar approved.

the very hungry caterpillar enjoys yummy foods

I had plans for all natural raw cake pops, coloured with chlorophyl I had extracted from spinach... sounds quite epic, so I was thankful when LadyBug decided on cupcakes for her special day instead.  I think he's pretty cute (and he was tasty)

the delightful caterpillar made a brief appearance as a delicious birthday cake

The most fun part about turning three is enjoying it with special friends.  And it was a beautiful sunny morning to spend time playing outside.

Turning three is certainly magical.  We enjoyed making this special day as fun as we could.  Happy birthday sweet LadyBug

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