Tuesday, October 28, 2014

rainbow cupcakes

We made some rainbow cupcakes today in honour of you, our little rainbow who couldn't stay.  Today marks two years since we met you and said goodbye.

I imagined you pulling on the ties of my apron, while I stood at the bench mixing colours.  I pictured your chubby little fingers getting into the batter.  I wanted to hear your sweet little voice plead for "more" and squeal with delight as you licked the last of the batter from the spoon. 

All the wonderful things your big sister got to share with me today as we made these for you.

With icing in your dark brown hair and sprinkles stuck to your chubby cheeks, I can only wonder what today would have been like if you were here with us to celebrate your special day.

Happy birthday sweet little son.  We love you and miss you so very much.

Monday, October 20, 2014

the day our family grew

We had a little secret we were keeping to ourselves.  A little secret that we were intending to reveal late last week.

The secret was that our family was about to grow in the most blissful and delightful way... we were expecting a sweet little baby in March of 2015.

LadyBug loving on Mumma's baby bump, 15w1d

The plan was to go to our routine 19 week ultrasound last Wednesday, and come back all thrilled to know that our little one is growing safe and sound, and without any issues, and then probably come up with some whacky or cheesy Facebook announcement to share our wonderful news with the world.

Sadly, the scan showed that some time in the past 2-4 weeks, our little baby had silently passed away. As the Dr revealed her findings to me,  I lay there stunned, completely stunned that once again our family is facing the heartbreaking loss of another loved and very much wanted child.

Thursday was a grey and miserable looking day outside, the perfect reflection of how we were feeling.  With heavy hearts, Hubby and I welcomed our little one into the world at around 3:55pm.

We named her Ezra Lily.

Now instead of planning a baby shower or deciding on nursery colour schemes, we are making decisions on how to remember our sweet little girl, and trying to help her big sisters understand as they come to terms with this heartbreaking loss.

Thursday October 16, 2014... the day that we will always remember as being the day that our family grew, as our little Ezra joined her brothers in the arms of Jesus.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back to School 2014

These summer holidays have come and gone so swiftly, it feels like we have been on a turnstile of activity.  There were visits to the beach, sleepovers with cousins and friends, baking, playdates, and 1 or 3 trips to the cinemas to escape some of the extremely hot days.  There were shopping trips and coffee dates, swimming, lots of relaxing and did I say we went to the cinemas?  The girls and I have been enthralled by the new Disney movie, Frozen, but perhaps that's a story for another day.

And all too quickly the school year has come around again.  

LittleBee had a little bit of a pre-teen, pre-school-starting meltdown yesterday.  I don't blame her really, it was a stinking hot day and the holidays were coming to an end, and it all seemed too hard for her.  But after a nice relaxing day at home, she faced the new year this morning with tons of excitement and anticipation.  I think she was mainly fuelled by the fact that she can spend her weekdays with her friends again!

LadyBug wasn't as excited to send her big sister and favourite play mate off to school today.  She told her sister that she was sad that she was going to be at school today, but will be happy when she gets home, so they can play together again (insert gushing here!).

It's hard to believe that it was 12 months ago that LittleBee started at her new school... check out these photos from her first day at school in 2013.  My how my girls have grown!

I think LittleBee has grown about 2 meters taller in the last year.  And looking at LadyBug, she just looks so different.  She was only just 2 and a half, and now she's inching closer to 4 so I suppose that has made a huge difference.

So we sent our sunshine out to school for another year of learning and growing... happy first day at school LittleBee... I really hope this new year brings you lots of exciting experiences.

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